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Total mind-bender! Definitely one of my favorites! 11/10!

Dark Matter imageDark Matter image

Dark Matter

Books | Blake Crouch

On top of being a very interesting pod, it's also pretty funny! I usually watch the video version on their YouTube channel.

My First Million imageMy First Million image

My First Million

Podcasts | Investing

I really liked this one! Creepy, suspenseful, psychological thriller, and a wild plot twist I didnt really see coming 👌🏼 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Stalker imageThe Stalker image

The Stalker

Books | Sarah Alderson

A bit predictable. I figured out a few things way before it happened but also a few surprises along the way. Some unrealistic things happen and the ending was a little disappointing. But overall, I did like it.

The Cabin in the Woods imageThe Cabin in the Woods image

The Cabin in the Woods

Books | Sarah Alderson

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