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I love to read. I came to it later then most avid readers unfortunately but I've made up for that over the years since. The books that started me reading at 20 was The lord of the rings trilogy and I never looked back. I read just about any fiction though my love is fantasy/ science fiction. But I'm also a big Stephen King fan and I found out about 10 years ago I have a weird love of westerns. Really anything that hooks me in and keeps me hooked I fall in love with.


If you're looking for some epic fantasy with amazing world building and characters you will come to love then look no further. Brandon Sanderson has spoiled me for all fantasy. The scope of his books and this series in general are awe inspiring. Add to that the fact that every series of books and some stand alone books are all connected in a greater "cosmere" where every series of books are taking place on different worlds make this book and all his books that more rewarding.

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The Way of Kings

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