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Sophia Drager



I enjoy being active. My favourite food is sushi. One time I got to pet my favourite animal, a hippo 🦛❤️


Chillingly good! First 3 episodes are free on peacock (2021).

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Dr. Death

Shows | Drama

Interesting show. They included three different stories from around the US.  I liked the re-enactments , it brought the peoples stories to life!

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Shows | Documentary

This movie was filled with a lot of action. The filming and stunts were awesome! The side characters were funny. Marvel always does a great job having funny friends. This movie had like a woman empowering women storyline

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Black Widow

Movies | Action

This is a very funny show. I loved the skit like storyline! Miranda is a great actress. On a nitpicky note, there were some plot holes that I did not seem to follow, but I easily overlooked it for the comedy. if you’re watching this on Hulu, I don’t think all of the episodes are available. I read there was a different ending and a few plots that I never saw.

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Shows | Comedy

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