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Animal farm is pain itself so brutal I can’t believe I read it when I was 12… 1984 however, is equally painful if not more, but it will also give you an existential crisis. I favor the latter, as at least the pain is productive. Just read it. It really is beautiful.

Animal Farm and 1984 imageAnimal Farm and 1984 image

Animal Farm and 1984

Books | George Orwell

If you liked one, you’ll LOVE two. At first glance you’d think it’s just an unnecessary extension of something already perfect, but no it ENHANCES. The characters, the world, everything grows and developed in unexpected ways. Also, ITS SO NARLY DUDE!!!!!!!!

Ready Player Two imageReady Player Two image

Ready Player Two

Books | Ernest Cline

Perfectly fulfills all your Hero X Villain fantasies while also actually being a smart plot with endless awesome world building and solid character development!!!

Renegades imageRenegades image


Books | Marissa Meyer

It just works. And the books are so much better than the movies!!! (Like you’ve never heard that before…) Seriously though, it’s awesome.

The Maze Runner Trilogy imageThe Maze Runner Trilogy image

The Maze Runner Trilogy

Books | James Dashner

I’m a massive Andy Weir fan and this book does not fail to amaze. Just perfect.

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Books | Andy Weir

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