Ifueko’s story of Tarisai of Swana crafts new spells and curses to be broken! The world is fully realized introducing the reader to the many lands, languages, cultures, and mythos in an expert fashion. You are not waterboarded with facts but introduced them to them with Ifueko’s magnificent storytelling and pacing all the while being surrounded by the magnificent world the story unfolds in. The Raybearer is a gem and shouldn’t be missed. -S.Lawson

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Books | Jordan Ifueko

Heather Walter can write her butt off, and she proves this fact to be true throughout, Malice. The reimagining of countless tales as old as time (forgive me I had to) are nothing new but this tale takes it to the top. This mix of tropes and familiar plots breathe life into something unexpectedly fresh. The world that has been crafted is both fantastical and rife with moving satire. Don’t miss out on this timely reimagining! -S.Lawson

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Books | Heather Walter

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