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Hannah Faith



Teen, loves sci-fi, mystery and fantasy novels.


Probably my new favourite book. A page-turner that keeps you wondering long after you've turned the last page.

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All Eyes on Her

Books | L.E. Flynn

I'm not often surprised by novels, but all the twists and turns in the novel kept me on my toes. I was pleasently surprised by its setting; California in the 50s is not written about nearly often enough.

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Dead to Me

Books | Mary McCoy

I truly enjoyed the way fairytales and reality came together in this noel. The twisted worlds, double meanings, and unreliable narrator enhanced the already dramatic plotline. One of my favourite reads.

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The Charmed Wife


I really enjoyed it. It definitely made me consider just how manipulated "reality" TV really is.

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Reality Boy

Books | A.S. King

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