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Hannah Faith



Teen, loves sci-fi, mystery and fantasy novels.


An intricate novel about what it means to be alive and human. I enjoyed the book and liked the characters, though I wouldn't say it was my favourite.

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Books | Amy Tintera

A heart-wrenching and uplifting story about life after death, rules, and what it means to truly live.

Open Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery imageOpen Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery image

Open Mic Night at Westminster Cemetery

Books | Mary Amato

An interesting book about the the difference between right and wrong, and whether or not people can truly change. Its sequel is "The King Slayer".

The Witch Hunter imageThe Witch Hunter image

The Witch Hunter

Books | Virginia Boecker

An intricate plotted mystery novel with an fair romantic subplot. One of my new favourite mystery novels.

These Shallow Graves imageThese Shallow Graves image

These Shallow Graves

Books | Jennifer Donnelly

A touching book about the pressures of being a teenager and growing into your own skin. Reminds no matter what social circle you're in, and whether you got on prom court or not, we're all just liars and losers.

Liars and Losers Like Us imageLiars and Losers Like Us image

Liars and Losers Like Us

Books | Ami Allen-Vath

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