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Stephanie Conti



I cohost a movie reviewing podcast called Purple Noon, check it out!


7.3/10 - An ahead of its time horror that has had an immeasurable effect on the horror film cascade.

Eyes Without a Face imageEyes Without a Face image

Eyes Without a Face

Movies | Drama

10/10 - An ornate childhood relic I can watch over and over.

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Movies | Fantasy

9.5/10 - One of Al Pacino’s most underrated performance. Incredible script that’s is ahead of its time.

Dog Day Afternoon imageDog Day Afternoon image

Dog Day Afternoon

Movies | Crime

7/10 - A ghost tale filled with lust, envy, & paranoia.

Empire of Passion imageEmpire of Passion image

Empire of Passion

Movies | Drama

6/10 - With such a cult following, I had expected more from “Ghost in the Shell”. The film is nothing short of a visual triump but the storyline/characters felt severely underdeveloped, loitered with sci-fi cliches.

Ghost in the Shell imageGhost in the Shell image

Ghost in the Shell

Movies | Action

6.8/10 - A wonderfully made slow burner (emphasis on slow) film with stunning imagery.

Donkey Skin imageDonkey Skin image

Donkey Skin

Movies | Comedy

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