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The most popular Netflix( now Disney+) super hero. The writing of this site was fantastic. Well acted, the actors were a perfect fit. Can't wait to see the redo version coming in 2023, yet somehow apprehensive because whatever they do can never be a good as the original.

Marvel's Daredevil imageMarvel's Daredevil image

Marvel's Daredevil

Shows | Action

One of the most likable super heros, I love his personality. He's a guy who just wants to live his life but finds himself pulled into fighting the wrongs being done in his neighborhood.

Marvel's Luke Cage imageMarvel's Luke Cage image

Marvel's Luke Cage

Shows | Drama

Not your typical super hero. She doesn't want to be a hero. She Just wants to live her life. Haunted by her own demons, she's an alcoholic, and suffers from PTSD. She had her faults, but you can't help but love her.

Marvel's Jessica Jones imageMarvel's Jessica Jones image

Marvel's Jessica Jones

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

An absolute classic. You don't. Have to like bars ( that turned my daughter off of it at first) the cast is perfect. Great chemistry and writing.

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Shows | Comedy

Was it cheesy? Yes? Was it fun? Yes. Are some some. Amazing mullets from the 80's? Most definitely! But everybody knows Macgyver it seems whether. You've watched the show or not. The verb "macGyver" it is used a lot to Jerry rig something out of almost nothing. Meet the original who could escape any enemy or situation with duct tape, a rubber hose, a mirror and and have full of confetti ( seemingly).

MacGyver imageMacGyver image


Shows | Action & Adventure

I didn't know if I'd like the series based on the classic movie or not. I mean, how many karate tournaments can Daniel win, right? But the way the original characters transition into their mid life family situations and involve their kids into old rivalries, all the while trying to move on from the past is not only entertaining, but gripping and extremely well written.

Cobra Kai imageCobra Kai image

Cobra Kai

Shows | Action & Adventure

Classic. Scott Bakula plays. A frazzled bewildered mann leaping from time to time and person to person trying to make right. Something that went wrong in their life. The whole while hoping to somehow leap back into his own life and body.

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Quantum Leap

Shows | Action & Adventure

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