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i love it when keanu reeves ❤️


fav movie of all time. i may be a lil biased bc i grew up w the video game from R* and got introduced to the film, but this movie is such a great one. i can't even explain in words how much i love it. it's a timeless beauty. i may sound kind of dramatic when talking ab it but to me it's everything and i wish to share this w even a few ppl if i can :'))

The Warriors imageThe Warriors image

The Warriors

Movies | Action

read this book back in middle school and i'm not exactly sure why i still remember it after all these years, but it's a good-feeling book, if that makes sense. if you ever want to read something short and sweet, this is definitely worth the book for you :)

A Matter of Trust imageA Matter of Trust image

A Matter of Trust

Books | Anne E. Schraff

i'm not familiar w the video game gameplay- wise bc i've never had the opportunity to sit down and physically play, but i have a p good idea what the plot is thanks to the show now, so i appreciate that. i love it, tbch. it has eight eps and there all either an hour or nearing an hour but it's a great show. :)))

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The Witcher

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

watched this in theatres w my bff when it came out and it was an experience. if you're familiar w this franchise, you're already aware of the amazing soundtrack, but truly, it's actually an awesome soundtrack, no joke. 11/10!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Movies | Action

i'm a HUGE fan of musicals and have many favorites but there are some moments where i'm not necessarily in the mood to watch one, but when i watched this one while i was down for anything and let me just say,,,... five stars. truthfully. it's awesome. ❤️‼️

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Mary Poppins Returns

Movies | Fantasy

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