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I love the Nate Temple Series by Shayne Silvers. I love a good page turner, some humor to it. I love dragons to sci-fi, then some good thriller. A good horror book that makes you want to go to the dollar store and buy every night light... I don't like the old romance paperback books. I love a book that wraps me up and sucks me into its world. Star Wars to The Lord Of The Rings to The Outlander & Game Of Thrones, True Blood. Disney, True Crime, History. I collect Gmones.


I love this whole series - nate temple by Shayne Silvers. I was hooked from book 1 ... page turner. You want to yell, laugh, geewiz so much emotions .. its like a rollar coaster emotion ride. Action, drama, dragons, God's, vampire, so much more. I never thought each book could be as good as the first one. I laughed so hard.. It keept me wanting more. And more. I read the whole series , now waiting for the next book. I couldn't pull up the 1st book.. if anyone has read this series , I would love to hear what you think? Did you love it too? Did you go down that rabbit hole? Do you want more ? Love to hear it all!!! #drama #comedy #fantasy #suspense #action

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Tiny Gods

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I love the book!!!

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