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Another amazing sexy rom-com! This is the second one to The Worst Best Man!! Solange is helping her family get the bride and groom ready, when she stumbles upon a conversation she wasn't meant to hear. She takes it upon herself to stop the wedding and winds up meeting the man of her dreams. The witty sexy banter had me in stitches and also very intrigued 😉. Another 5/5 would highly recommend

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The Wedding Crasher

Books | Mia Sosa

This was the second free book I chose from Amazon's prime reading and it did not disappoint. It's is a story about freedom seekers that have ties to the Whittaker house that was part of the underground railroad. It's a story about strength and resilience and love for one's family. Can't begin to understand what those families went through. Beautifully haunting story 5/5

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Embers on the Wind

Books | Lisa Williamson Rosenberg

This is a hilarious/sexy rom com between two rivals. Lina was left at the alter by her husband to be with all the blame falling on the brother in law. Circumstances force both Lina and the brother in law (Max) to work together. This book had me laughing a lot and was definitely quite steamy. Absolutely recommend this book. 5/5 !!!

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The Worst Best Man

Books | Mia Sosa

I absolutely loved every part of this book. It's was hilarious, thought provoking and wonderful insightful. I laughed so hard I cried and a lot of the stories I felt very attached too, because it's something I myself have experience. She showed me the lighter side to mental illness, but also taught me how to cope with the darker side of it. Absolutely 100% recommend and love this book. Definite 5/5

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Furiously Happy

Books | Jenny Lawson

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