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One of my favorite reads lately. Completely suprising twists and turns.

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The Wrong Family

Books | Tarryn Fisher

This book had me engaged the entire time. I actually listened to the audible version and the narrator was fantastic. This book humbled me. Hearing of the endurance of a woman and her children through some of the most difficult times in American history just had me speechless. It is emotional and raw. I was angry, sad, hopeful, etc. I am a more conscious mother, sister and wife from reading this book!

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The Four Winds

Books | Kristin Hannah

Oh my! Finally got to finish this amazing series! It is full of plot twists and is an emotional roller coaster of events and actions by the characters. This kept us guessing up to the end. Phenomanal cast and gripping characters! Its a must see 6 part series to binge for anyone that like crime dramas!

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The Pact

Shows | Crime

Star studded cast, that you honestly cannot go wrong with watching. However, it did seen to ran a little long to me. Not an absolute must see, however laughable moments and eerily familiar to the way our world is turning.

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Don't Look Up

Movies | Comedy

Absolutely love this show. Kevin Costner is fantastic as always. But Kelly Reily as she plays Beth is astonishing!!! She is fantasic in all she does. The entire show has phenomenal characters that you grow to love or hate.

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Shows | Drama

I am a longtime fan of both the book series and original run of Dexter. I am a fan that loved season 1-4 with the 4th being my absolutely fav with John Lithgow! I have been pleasantly suprised with the new roll out and have realized how much I missed Dexter Morgan! Praying for a 2nd season of New Blood!

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Dexter: New Blood


I actually really liked this movie. Great Sci-fi. Disclaimer, I have not read the books or seen the original. However, my husband is an absolute fan of the OG! He said they did great!

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Movies | Action

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