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Sanderson begins his second great series in the Cosmere with a storm. The characters are very human, despite many having superhuman capabilities. If you are interested, then read it and find out.

The Way of Kings imageThe Way of Kings image

The Way of Kings

Books | Brandon Sanderson

The thrilling conclusion to the Mistborn series. I cried at the ending.

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The Hero of Ages

Books | Brandon Sanderson

Another brilliant entry into the Cosmere of Brandon Sanderson

The Well of Ascension imageThe Well of Ascension image

The Well of Ascension

Books | Brandon Sanderson

An excellent start to Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere. Imagine a world where the bad guy wins mixed with a heist story. Now add in developed world-building and very well rounded characters. Once you do that, you have Mistborn

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Books | Brandon Sanderson

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