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An excellent and unique 1980s movie with snappy dialogue, excellent action, and a strong plot with heart. Alex Murphy is a cop in a crime ridden Detroit. He gets into a situation where he becomes a cyborg and seeks to destroy the bad guys. This hero is part human, part machine, and he has rules that he has to follow to protect the innocent but punish the criminal. It’s a classic 80s movie that flows so well and blends psychology into the mix, too. I was pumped to see it and I left very satisfied. A must watch for your movie repertoire.

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Movies | Action

Declared by many as the scariest movie of all time and RIGHTFULLY SO. If you have the means, get the book and read it FIRST and it will give much more rich detail. This film follows a story about a family who slowly discovers that there is something wrong with their child. The beauty of this movie is that it starts of slow, and then the action builds and builds until it crescendos later on. This movie is gruesome yet beautiful, simple and profound, and worthy of rewatch upon rewatch. The creepy music of tubular bells will haunt you for a long time. Many quotes came from this movie and it set the standard for exorcism movies, horror movies and it still scares people and does not allow them to sleep because the fear isn’t hypothetical; it’s real stuff. However, no other movie does what William Friedkin did with the Exorcist. One of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

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The Exorcist

Movies | Horror

This movie is well directed, has a solid cast and weaves a backstory to the classic Boogeyman, which is awesome. The story has a lot of heart with believable characters, excellent suspense and a good experience for the audience. Many of the scenes are very creepy and the viewer feels a part of the journey that the characters take. Recommended.

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The Boogeyman

Movies | Horror

Ben Affleck stars as a detective whose daughter had been kidnapped. He goes off on assignment to thwart a bank robbery. The plot of the movie jumps into high gear from there. He investigates the situation and realizes that nothing is as it seems. The acting, music, plot and cinematography is solid and it combines elements of the Matrix and Inception. I loved it; it kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time, and it kept you guessing.

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Movies | Mystery

This movie is amazing. Mandy Moore does a spectacular job as the main female character — daughter of a minister who encounters the bad boy who is forced to do community service. She helps him with some lines in a play and tells him “just don’t fall in love with me” and the plot develops from there. The acting, music, and the character development is excellent. This is a tearjerker, just to pre-warn you, but it is such a beautiful movie that you won’t want to turn away even in difficult parts. Highly recommended.

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A Walk to Remember

Movies | Drama

Tom Cruise is great in this sequel to the original “Top Gun,” which was an amazing movie in itself, but this movie tops even the classic 80s movie. Top Gun: Maverick has wonderful flight scenes (the actors needed to get social training to be in those roles), beautiful cinematography, depth of feel, and the characters are likable and dynamic, willing to change and accept flaws. Also, this film takes what the pilots learned at Top Gun and throws that into the real world. Highly recommended. There’s a good reason that it made 1.4 billion dollars: it’s movie magic.

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Top Gun: Maverick

Movies | Action

What an amazing movie… such crisp animation, a great story and it gives lessons to the audience about believing in yourself and that you can do more when inspired. Hayao Miyazaki is one of the best directors of anime of all time and it shows in his work. His team produced something of legends. The music, the setting and the overall audience experience is top tier. Highly recommended.

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Kiki's Delivery Service

Movies | Animation

A fantastic, even if overlooked movie. Brad Pitt stars as Billy Beane, an ex-Baseball player who is the General Manager of the Oakland Athletics in the early 2000s. He has to go up against the traditional baseball scouts as he tries to revolutionize baseball in a new way … with x-factor skills and traits rather than stats. Pitt is amazing and it also stars a younger Jonah Hill and a secret role for Chris Pratt. The acting, directing and flow of the movie work very well. Highly recommended!

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Movies | Drama

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