Definitely an amazing movie ocoma atali ocomaii ototaima whatever the rest of the words are

Moana imageMoana image


Movies | Adventure

If you like movies with humanized animals this is a movie for you and also if you like Nick Wilde yeah idk

Zootopia imageZootopia image


Movies | Animation

Loved it it was pretty cute nice to see Poe reuniting with his parents and the rest of his family I liked it cuz mostly the baby pandas and you know the baby pandas but yeah it was pretty good overall

Kung Fu Panda 3 imageKung Fu Panda 3 image

Kung Fu Panda 3

Movies | Action

You got a Friend in me honestly the movie was pretty fun I guess I don't know it wasn't the best best but it was decent I kind of liked it

Toy Story 3 imageToy Story 3 image

Toy Story 3

Movies | Animation

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