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This is slightly difficult to read at first. Roy's style is like jazz. Her story is told in fragmented thoughts, like a puzzle without a reference picture. The further you read, the more each cluster of thoughts makes sense, forming a beautiful picture of tragedy, loss of innocence, and the complications of India's caste system.

The God of Small Things imageThe God of Small Things image

The God of Small Things

Books | Arundhati Roy

Every woman should read this book. It's a beautiful tale about womanhood and sisterhood in a world ruled by the heavy hands of men.

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The Red Tent

Books | Anita Diamant

Miller's reimagination of Achilles and his relationship with Patroclus is so beautiful. I cried and thought about the beauty of the devotion and love she portrayed for many days after I finished this book. Centering the story from Patroclus' point of view gives humanity to a story about a revered demi-god.

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The Song of Achilles

Books | Madeline Miller

Ramos captures the uniquely delicate experience of Filipina immigrants trying to thrive amongst their ultra-rich employers. As a Filipina myself, I saw my own family members reflected in Ramos' characters. Her portrayal of well-meaning white liberals with their grey ethics and morality is handled well. She doesn't make anyone villainous in order to punctuate the emotionality of the story.

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The Farm

Books | Joanne Ramos

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