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Ways to watch almost every anime, show, anything, are Netflix, Tubi, Viki, IQIYI, Dailymotion, YouTube, BiliBili.


Have not watched it but it was the closest i could find to the similar anime, there are , The Untamed for the ones of IRL BL anime, Mo Dao Zu Shi For the Anime BL Lovers, Novels (Couldn't find the names too many sorry) Ways to Watch ! : Bilibili Dailymotion, (if none work for ur services please try YouTube.) Im Sorry ily.

Mo Dao Zu Shi (Audio Drama) imageMo Dao Zu Shi (Audio Drama) image

Mo Dao Zu Shi (Audio Drama)

Shows | Drama

Ways to watch if you can't ! ; Bilibili , Dailymotion (search google for the rest of not work or isn't the best for ur service<3) now onto the Anime, The anime is based on a god like character who uses bandages as his weapon for hunting spirits demons ghost zombies, etc. Untill a demon king comes along and friends the main character , likely of them flirting perhaps.. No kissing scenes unfortunately, but there might be 1 soon we'll have to wait all i have to say Bcs of limit ily.

Heaven Official's Blessing imageHeaven Official's Blessing image

Heaven Official's Blessing

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