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Sick, twisted, politically incorrect and Freakin' Sweet animated series featuring the adventures of the dysfunctional Griffin family. Bumbling Peter and long-suffering Lois have three kids. Stewie (a brilliant but sadistic baby bent on killing his mother and taking over the world), Meg (the oldest,

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 1999-01-31

Last Air Date 2021-09-26

Seasons 20

Episodes 372


TMDB 7.1


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beadzombie shared a tip "Whhhat a whhhonderful show on how minor annoyances can be hilariously annoying. The bird is the word."

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regina1026 shared a tip "A great animated adult series, i can watch it over and over."

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elijah_myers_2679 shared a tip "It was entertaining and pretty funny Stewie is the best character"

chrissie_lycan shared a tip "Absolutely."

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lord_kokichi shared a tip "Southpark-"

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elizabeth_lowe shared a tip "I think seth mcfarlane was high as hell when he signed on to do this show"

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paige_clark_1980 shared a tip "It's a funny show, definitely good for a laugh. I use it mostly as a background noise show now though."

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paige_clark_1980 shared a tip "Oh, and just be aware of how long it is, its probably got close if not over 20 seasons now."

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infin8abundance shared a tip "Hilarious. Always helps me cheer up. If you like stupid humor then this will help you cry from laughter."

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hope_combs shared a tip "Super funny"

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miguel_graham_1931 shared a tip "Yes, but it is raunchy at times."

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miguel_graham_1931 shared a tip "Yes as long as you are not offended by crude humor. Also, the jokes that can overstay their welcome."

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miguel_graham_1931 shared a tip "Cool"

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angela_edwards_8490 shared a tip "I use to watch this but then in some episodes they go too far. I cannot stomach the later seasons"

dragon_mcdaniel shared a tip "Yeah when Stevie tries to collect money from Brian"

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helpmeouthere shared a tip "amazing for obvious reasons"

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lila_jane shared a tip "It was really funny in general!"

ashley_ruebling shared a tip "the 100!"

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tim_dykens shared a tip "Gets worse the more recent the season."

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amy_pino shared a tip "No favorite. I like the best of everything."

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garret_palmer shared a tip "That's hard, I like alot to them lol"

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lawrence_holland shared a tip "Love it all Thank you."

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scott_brewster shared a tip "Hilarious"

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wolfina_blood shared a tip "The simpsons is what I'm currently watching since it was referenced in the show."

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sam_woodis shared a tip "I find myself rewatching King of the Hill. That show seems to age like fine wine!"

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shawn_mcalexander shared a tip "Scenes may or may not be written by a small group of hump backed whales."

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juan_lopez_9410 shared a tip "Honestly it's got to be Peter !!"

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patrick_williams_1604 shared a tip "Stewie"

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plzdonthate_fnaf shared a tip "Brian"

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chris_hornik shared a tip "Brian"

vince_castrillo shared a tip "Mayor Adam West always gets a laugh out of me"

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mlcr shared a tip "When Stewie tries to kill Louis"

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d3krue1 shared a tip "It’s funny asf"

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matthewkennethgray shared a tip "The Bird is the Word"

angel_flanders shared a tip "Stuwie"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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brant_murray shared a tip "I would have to say petter"

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sarah_mckinley_9088 shared a tip "@christian_coleman_8081 Stewie. I can do a mean Lois impression though. Who's your fav?"

jc_mccoy shared a tip "Definitely!"

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arienna_hunter-brown shared a tip "And if you haven't already I recommend King of the hill too!"

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allyson_harwood shared a tip "Definitely worth it!"

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leah_moreschi shared a tip "Yes. Raunchy humor. But funny."

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haleigh_fink shared a tip "I think it can be! Depends if you like comedy with a little harshness."

heather_9752 shared a tip "It’s perfect if you like ****** up humor 😂"

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gerry_ryley shared a tip "Good choice . One of my favourites!!"

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ashley_fisher_3794 shared a tip "Worth watching"

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clarence_williams_jr shared a tip "Rick and Morty is probably my favorite adult comedy program right now...."

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christina_perez_2508 shared a tip "My husband loves watching this show with me because I am just laughing the whole time."

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octavia_9648 shared a tip "just as background noise"

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natlie_haddad shared a tip "Maybe"

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saleena_phelps shared a tip "it is really funny i watch it with my dad sometimes!"

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katie_malys shared a tip "I'm actually not caught up on the more recent episodes."

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f_uck_u shared a tip "Peter remember that time? Peta? Petta oh peterr ohh peta remember? Peterr omg petaa"

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montofishy shared a tip "Yeah its really good"

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de_anna_ramirez shared a tip "Same 😂"

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y_p shared a tip "Maybe quagmire's dad? How about you? Favorites? And why? :)"

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justin_pourciau shared a tip "Why?"

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lawrence_glaser shared a tip "Probably the episode that Peter fights the giant chicken the entire time...."

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elijahston_99340 shared a tip "Any of the stewie and brain specials"

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laila_barbour shared a tip "Peter is my favorite character"

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sam_b_2424 shared a tip "Stewie"

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lazarman_11 shared a tip "Stewie"

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meagan_jones shared a tip "Hmmm.... Probably Peter and Stewie"