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Fred Standup



Eloquent, funny exploration of what travel does for us.

The Art of Travel imageThe Art of Travel image

The Art of Travel

Books | Alain De Botton

Excellent sequel to Red Notice. Lays out the depravity of Vladimir Putin.

Freezing Order imageFreezing Order image

Freezing Order

Books | Bill Browder

Vital message as Putin ransacks Ukraine, unmolested by the West.

Winter Is Coming imageWinter Is Coming image

Winter Is Coming

Books | Garry Kasparov

Fantastic, warm, funny. Great 80s music.

Sing Street imageSing Street image

Sing Street

Movies | Comedy

American loudmouth character Bobbi is obnoxious, but she doesn't spoil Sally Rooney's gift for dialogue with the much more sympathetic Frances. A good show for fans of Rooney's Normal People.

Conversations with Friends imageConversations with Friends image

Conversations with Friends

Shows | Drama

Better than Parasite. A warm story of a family surviving by unconventional means.

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Movies | Drama

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