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The story of a wealthy family that lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2003-11-02

Last Air Date 2019-03-15

Seasons 5

Episodes 84


TMDB 8.0


Brian Draggoo's profile image

brian_draggoo shared a tip "All time favourite show before it was cancelled. The reboots have been good, but just not the same"

Paula C's profile image

paula_c_8720 shared a tip "Great ensemble cast. Lots of double entendres. Great humor."

Sam Miller's profile image

Iwanttodie7777 shared a tip "All of it"

Leslie Abram 's profile image

leslie_abram shared a tip "I keep forgetting to watch this.."

Jason D'Amico's profile image

jason_damico shared a tip "Funniest show, joke for joke. Takes an investment as there are callback jokes that span seasons"

Megan H's profile image

meghei shared a tip "Dry wit. Quotable to the extreme. Long (long long) running jokes."

Laura Heibler's profile image

laura_heibs shared a tip "Finished!"

Dan Lawrence's profile image

dan_lawrence_6476 shared a tip "The netflix seasons aren't as good though."

Melissa H.'s profile image

melissa_houck shared a tip "First 3 seasons only."

Malissa Lizet's profile image

malissa_lizet shared a tip "This show actually!"

Nick weiler's profile image

nick_weiler shared a tip "It was so good until Netflix took over."

Elisabeth Olmstead's profile image

elisabeth_olmstead shared a tip "The original three seasons are perfection, don’t love the Netflix reboot seasons however."

Sophia Phillips's profile image

ophsoph shared a tip "Omg yes, it's one of my all time favorites!"

Alley Kasney's profile image

alley_kasney shared a tip "If you like dry witty humor, yes!"

Memphis 's profile image

memfish shared a tip "@chrisflores28 I also love Scrubs and Psych and would definitely recommend them!"

James H's profile image

james_h_2354 shared a tip "First 3 seasons are hilarious, then Netflix took over production and it got a little lame."

Jordan Allen's profile image

lakeway07 shared a tip "Funny must watch if you’re one of the few that still has a sense of humor."

Jennifer Catron's profile image

jennifer_catron shared a tip "Nonstop laughs! This family is something else! And did I mention Jason Bateman?"

Andrew Stauffer's profile image

andrew_stauffer shared a tip "The show was great before it was canceled. Now it’s ok but isn’t nearly as good."

Saathvik Koka's profile image

saathvik_koka shared a tip "Gob, definitely. How about yours?"

Tim Dykens's profile image

tim_dykens shared a tip "Love."

David An's profile image

david_an shared a tip "This show was fantastic, and I would absolutely recommend you watch it."

A B's profile image

alexinawe shared a tip "I recommend against the Netflix seasons."

Brenda 's profile image

brenda_8573 shared a tip "Shameless & always sunny in Philadelphia for same vi bbb es"

Brenda 's profile image

brenda_8573 shared a tip "Hbu?"

Nicholas Whitman's profile image

nicholas_whitman shared a tip "He's from arrested Development"

Eric Burgin's profile image

eric_burgin shared a tip "A totally underrated show."

patti_archer shared a tip "I laughed the entire time this show was on my TV. It was hysterical!! If you’re looking for a laugh..DONT MISS THIS"

Kimberly Rolen Nelson's profile image

tv_fan_grl shared a tip "Hilarious! Jason Bateman is superb, as always!"

Sam Knorr's profile image

sam_knorr shared a tip "I haven't seen the show yet it was a recommendation."

ifeanyi_simon shared a tip "Very interesting"

brett_briggs shared a tip "All time fav"

Jessica Grottanelli's profile image

jessica_grottanelli shared a tip "100% the final seasons got a little weird but by that point you're already hooked."

helga_guazzini shared a tip "The first several seasons were good but it got a little dumb in later seasons."

Laney T.'s profile image

laney_t. shared a tip "I think so, it’s really funny, it doesn’t rank god tier as one of my favorite shows but it was great"

Jennifer K's profile image

jennifer_k_2571 shared a tip "It's so good, right from the start!"

moops 33's profile image

moops_33 shared a tip "If for the pilot episode only, this show never fails me."

Bryn Suddarth's profile image

bryn_suddarth shared a tip "Oh yes, it's timeless. The comedy is very clever and generally very silly"

tyler_gibson_2662 shared a tip "Yes. Watch it and then watch it again there are so many brilliant little jokes and things you don’t catch while you’re laughing"

michelle_c_hammon shared a tip "My crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

Haley Dow's profile image

haley_dow shared a tip "It's interesting. I liked it but my husband binged a lot of it without me. Hahaha what I watched I really enjoyed"

Paul Forester's profile image

paul_forester shared a tip "Oh definitely... just look at that all star cast!"

Preethi 's profile image

preethi_8333 shared a tip "Schitt’s Creek and Kim’s Convenience are couple other good ones too"

Sarah Orique's profile image

sarah_orique shared a tip "If you like dry comedy it’s great"

sage spraktes's profile image

sage_spraktes shared a tip "This show is the best. It's as Ann as the nose on plains face."

Nate Betz's profile image

nate_betz shared a tip "Skip the last season"

Melissa Koval's profile image

melissa_koval shared a tip "The Netflix-created seasons definitely do not have the same appeal as the original seasons."

Jorge H's profile image

jorge_h shared a tip "Firsts seasons super good!"

Justin Hartman's profile image

justin_hartman shared a tip "Will Arnets character"

Donald Vinci's profile image

donald_vinci shared a tip "Funniest show ever very smart"

susan_oreilly shared a tip "LOVE this quirky hilarious show. Highly recommend this show. 5 Stars"

lori_dremel shared a tip "I like that it's quirky. The characters are both lovable and annoying. Not sure how they can be both, but they are."

Steve Hagstrom's profile image

steve_hagstrom shared a tip "Never finished the series once it went to Netflix"

Joshua Crannell's profile image

joshua_crannell shared a tip "Her?"

matt_bernard shared a tip "Anything first season"

Russell Sinan's profile image

russell_sinan shared a tip "It's a toss up between Tobias and GOB!"

Aniko TR's profile image

aniko_tr shared a tip "One of the best shows, ever!"

parker_nicols shared a tip "one of my favorite shows of all time"

reinkereinke ferdinandferdinand's profile image

reinkereinke_ferdin shared a tip "Vip"

prypry kaitlynkaitlyn's profile image

prypry_kaitlynkaitl shared a tip "Vip"

Colton Lenihan's profile image

colton_lenihan shared a tip "Funny"

thomas_heilman shared a tip "Funny and keeps you entertained"

Clark Jacobs's profile image

clark_jacobs shared a tip "The brilliant wordplay is what makes this show so funny!"

Zorro Sengupta's profile image

zorro_sengupta shared a tip "If you watch season four, watch the remix!"

Michael Nobbs's profile image

MichaelChuck shared a tip "Best comedy show ever"

Takya Threats's profile image

takya_threats shared a tip "Extremely funny. Would recommend for anyone who just needs something to binge. Has kind of a “the office” feel."

Brittany Stevens's profile image

brittany_stevens_9891 shared a tip "Amazing until Netflix took over. Was so disappointed that I just stopped watching and re-binged the original seasons. Hilarious."

Kyndall Michelle's profile image

kyndall_michelle shared a tip "Very funny lol I like it"

Richard Lewis's profile image

richard_lewis_3616 shared a tip "I’ve visited Wee Britain, so I’d love to visit Balboa Towers or the model home"

sam_1766 shared a tip "thank you"

Q Tip's profile image

q_tip shared a tip "Good"

Jasmine Joseph's profile image

jerzmin24 shared a tip "Funny & ridiculous"

Liz winz's profile image

liz_winz shared a tip "Yes, too many times 😂"

Yossi Maayan's profile image

yossi_maayan shared a tip "Great watch very funny"

Collin wilder's profile image

collin_wilder shared a tip "Funny and interesting, you’ll enjoy it!!!"

Sarah Zamburek's profile image

sarah_zamburek shared a tip "The seasons before the reboot are my favorite comedy of all time"

S Riley's profile image

s_riley shared a tip "Very funny show"

Kayleen Cameron's profile image

kayleen_cameron shared a tip "You have to watch it at least once"

Todd Lahmann's profile image

todd_lahmann shared a tip "Densely packed comedy that you almost need to watch twice to catch it all."

shane_green_6831 shared a tip "Definitely one of my favorite comedies on tv, its worth it just for Tobias."

John Dyar's profile image

john_dyar_1871 shared a tip "The first 2 seasons are really good. I would stop after that"

Dannielle Zonkel's profile image

dannielle_zonkel shared a tip "Probably parks and rec and new girl. Love the office too"

amanda_grantham_6040 shared a tip "Amazing"

somer_krawczyk shared a tip "Show called Reign"

Najah Forehand's profile image

najah_forehand shared a tip "Lolll probably Tobias, he gives me so much anxiety"

Najah Forehand's profile image

najah_forehand shared a tip "What about you?"

renee_watson_9555 shared a tip "I’d say that Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a super funny show with off the walls comedy that can be jarring in a good way"

ruth_chancey shared a tip "Super funny. It is one of the few shows I can watch over and over and still get a good laugh out of."

andrea_coon shared a tip "Dry hysterical humor. Great cast"

Lenan 's profile image

lenan_8315 shared a tip "Perfect series to time pass. #comedy #family"

Kiera Ball's profile image

kiera_ball shared a tip "Through season 4 I'd say so. I haven't gotten around to seeing season 5."

Devon Murphy's profile image

devon_murphy_255 shared a tip "Maybe? I think it was done so well the first time, I feel like maybe it wouldn't be as good if they tried to do anything more."

Nate Steinken's profile image

nate_steinken shared a tip "It's great. Lots of set ups and call backs, so it is fun to re-watch and catch some of the jokes you may have missed."

Caryn Westdyk's profile image

caryn_westdyk shared a tip "Parks and Rec is my favorite!"

betsy_burns_7180 shared a tip "Loved it!"

Donovan Brubaker's profile image

donovan_brubaker shared a tip "At least the stuff before it was bought by Netflix yeah. First 3 seasons are comedy gold"

Lee Mayhew's profile image

lee_mayhew shared a tip "Quirky, but hilarious. Great cast."

PhearlessZero 's profile image

PhearlessZero shared a tip "Yea definitely. it takes a little bit to get used to its humor but once you do it is one of the funniest shows."

Danielle Dent-Breen's profile image

danielle_dent-breen shared a tip "It's so dark and funny!"

Susan Prisbrey's profile image

susan_prisbrey shared a tip "#favorites"

Emme Austin-Major's profile image

hitreplay_emme shared a tip "It tasted like a foot! Which I didn't really mind... but I'm pretty sure I said no nuts. -fav line"

sofia aguilar's profile image

sofia_aguilar_420 shared a tip "TOBÍAS SUPREMACY 🙌 dont watch season 5 it goes so downhill lmfao"

Amanda Tripet's profile image

amanda_tripet shared a tip "Loved it! It was cancelled and revived so the last two seasons are different but still funny"

Rebecca Masbaum's profile image

rebecca_masbaum shared a tip "It’s a comedy gem, don’t give up on it after hi a couple of episodes!"

Rebecca Prokop's profile image

rebecca_prokop shared a tip "Yes. There are some great characters and some hilarious moments."

victoria_lepesant shared a tip "Yes!! Especially if you love dry humor! Jason Bateman is so good"

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