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The Big Lebowski Sun Saturday Night Live Moon Revisionist History Rising


One of my childhood favorites. Such a weird combination of eerie and fun.

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Movies | Adventure

Very unique and interesting. Worth the watch for sure.

Flower imageFlower image


Movies | Drama

Absolutely loved this movie! A great drama with intrigue beyond the romance. 

Closer imageCloser image


Movies | Drama

Truly a cult classic that never got appreciated in its day

Jennifer's Body imageJennifer's Body image

Jennifer's Body

Movies | Comedy

Kinda a euphoria ‘knock-off’ but very well done with a great soundtrack and deep characters

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Shows | Drama

Uzo Aduba is incredible in this role, overall an incredible show that doesn’t get enough buzz

In Treatment imageIn Treatment image

In Treatment

Shows | Drama

Not for the faint of heart, scenes from this still haunt me- watch at your own risk. Beautifully done though with phenomenal acting.

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Brand New Cherry Flavor


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