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Being just a normal student without a special talent, Makoto Naegi wins a lottery to attend the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy where only the top prodigies attend. However, instead of this being the beginning of a wonderful high school life, it's a ticket to despair, because the only way to graduat

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2013-07-05

Last Air Date 2016-09-26

Seasons 2

Episodes 25


TMDB 8.0


flix 's profile image

flickeredflame shared a tip "screaming crying barking throwing up"

anna 's profile image

annaa shared a tip "really short but good."

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not_so_splendiferously shared a tip "14"

Emma 's profile image

owarumoth shared a tip "Love the games, HATE the show."

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nala_aa shared a tip "I haven't watched it yet, but I know what it is."

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.thyladymonsterweeb shared a tip "It was interesting to watch mainly because of the plot twists, made me want to watch Danganronpa 3."

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trolltowncoaster_0 shared a tip "I recommend the game more than the anime"

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xxxUWUxxx shared a tip "Its gory"

adrain_polite shared a tip "If u like intense problem solving and crazy amounts of suspenseful tension this murder mystery type anime is for u"

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Ray_MayMay shared a tip "Why os the blood pink"

Cook Girl's profile image

cook_girl shared a tip "MY FAV ANIME amazing suspense yoy get to figure out who is the killer with them"

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jayce_gault shared a tip "I'm personally a huge fan of the game series so I'm a bit biased there"

Lily Hook's profile image

lily_hook shared a tip "I wish this was on Netflix!!"

zariya shared a tip "This anime only has 13 episodes but is really good. Idk what else to say..."

I Have A Name Ok's profile image

i_have_a_name_ok shared a tip "It's a good show but I like the game more"

gabrielle Ashbey's profile image

gabrielle_ashbey shared a tip "I dont k ie it wass just fun to watche"

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____4200 shared a tip "So there are the games and the anime there's only one anime but if you like the anime I'd also check out the games"

hershey_9130 shared a tip "I think the games are pretty interesting too!"

JAYLEEN PINEDA-PAIZ's profile image

jayleen_pineda-paiz shared a tip "How do I watch it-"

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weeb_cinema shared a tip "Anyone who's into mystery anime stuff this is the anime for you, it's short, but amazing I promise!"

Lanham Watts's profile image

lanham_watts shared a tip "COULD NOT STOP WATCHING"

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shoyaishida shared a tip "it’s a bit of a run down of the game franchise. but it’s still good to watch! i recommend the games to play as well!!!"

Chanel Berndt's profile image

chanel_berndt shared a tip "It’s a perfect show to binge... well unless you don’t like violence/blood/killing people etc. 😅"

Lilak Rosamere's profile image

lilak_rosamere shared a tip "Have you seen death parade???? Its what I'm watching now and is similar to this"

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bingle shared a tip "I enjoyed it alot. There is also a game franchise that has 4 games"

Gummie 27's profile image

gummie_27 shared a tip "I felt despair and I began to lose hope, just like they wanted... 😨😰😭"

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twitch_2313 shared a tip "This was a very messy show and i wouldn't recommend it because it didn't make much sense at all. I did enjoy it though."

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blayxen_price shared a tip "There are others as well under the "Danganropa" umbrella If you haven't seen them already"

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 's profile image

_kitty shared a tip "Eugh not the best anime I’ve watched."

᥉łɾᥲꪝᖯꫀᥲɾ 's profile image

ranboovods shared a tip "AMAZINGC!!!!"

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refried_beans shared a tip "I don’t have a favorite really but I just finished squid game. It was really good, totally recommend"

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yuki_kim_8519 shared a tip "I watched dthe Animation but never played any of the games but I want more 🎹"

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squid_pig shared a tip "cool a thought provoking"

Merandah Deltori's profile image

Supernova_Sage shared a tip "If you're okay with gore and ****, yes, definitely. So many twists and turns and hurt l just an overall emotional rollercoaster"

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nikky_on_the_moon shared a tip "Same here sayaka was my favorite character but it's a shame she was the first victim/suspect"

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