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Nature made Ash Lynx beautiful; nurture made him a cold ruthless killer. A runaway brought up as the adopted heir and sex toy of "Papa" Dino Golzine, Ash, now at the rebellious age of seventeen, forsakes the kingdom held out by the devil who raised him. But the hideous secret that drove Ash's older

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2018-07-06

Last Air Date 2018-12-21

Seasons 1

Episodes 24


TMDB 8.7


Shelby Halle's profile image

ImMillo shared a tip "My heart was shattered after watching this. The plot was pretty interesting"

e_e_2291 shared a tip "my heart was shattered, i’ll never forget this show. cried every episode"

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spacecowgirl shared a tip "This anime made me cry for days after I finished it because it was that good 😭"

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flat_sentiment shared a tip "loved it! it was so good! it did crush my soul but I still enjoyed it!"

kenzie <3's profile image

kenzieb shared a tip "heart breaking :/"

morgan jones's profile image

morgan_jones_5209 shared a tip "So so good 😭💔 But I also hate it because it absolutely broke me. 🥺🥀"

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random_weeb shared a tip "This will forever be in my heart 😭😭"

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brien_loomis shared a tip "Incredibly tragic story. Not for the faint of heart, it’s very violence heavy and there’s kind of a lot of sexual abuse."

leo malachi's profile image

leo_malachi shared a tip "This show made me cry, laugh, get mutually angry with characters. I love it with all my soul."

senna young 's profile image

senna69 shared a tip "I'm not crying you're crying"

zach_white_3767 shared a tip "It’s really good! If you want something a bit more unique you could watch ID: Invaded or psycho pass both are pretty good shows!"

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cloudys.coffins shared a tip "Basically sobbing for this one😭"

Bread Pitt's profile image

bread_pitt_8826 shared a tip "Never in my life have I been so in love and hurt"

Emarie Pryor's profile image

emarie_pryor shared a tip "Very emotional,keeps you on the edge of your seat"

Mikan On A Pikan 's profile image

mikan_on_a_pikan shared a tip "MADE ME CRY MY EYES OUT AT THE END- WASNT EXPECTING IT 😭😭😭"

Hiro 's profile image

hiro_1336 shared a tip "best 10/10 look at the warnings before watching contains triggering content"

Joline D's profile image

joline_d shared a tip "forever will be my favorite anime"

Ella The Weeb's profile image

ella_the_weeb shared a tip "Has some heavy subject matter"

eijilove 's profile image

eijilove shared a tip "Does anybody know a story thats similar to this (no love triangle)"

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telling_elf shared a tip "Eiji and Ash TwT"

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misooo shared a tip "i cried sm"

Sid Suman's profile image

sid_suman shared a tip "One of the best anime I’ve watched in a while."

lynae 's profile image

lynae_4461 shared a tip "cried for MONTHS!"

olivia shore's profile image

olivia_shore_6869 shared a tip "satan made this anime."

natalie_umpornpuckdi shared a tip "can’t really there all my favorite parts"

Kailah Miller's profile image

kailah_miller shared a tip "My heart.... I just finished that last episode. It’s a really good anime to watch."

Kaylin Taylor's profile image

kaylin_taylor shared a tip "I sobbed way too many times for this show"

Salted banana null's profile image

salted_banana shared a tip "And to think dmcb was sad"

Salted banana null's profile image

salted_banana shared a tip "also tw: p3d0filia, r@pe, @buse, suicide, gang violence, ed, blood, and drugs"

Iamvana man's profile image

iamvana_man shared a tip "I've only seen a few episodes but a few of my friends said they loved it"

aislinn_loutensock shared a tip "As someone who loves shows that make me cry, I absolutely love this show"

Paloma 's profile image

paloma_aurora shared a tip "One of the best, if not the best, anime that I have ever watched"

Lais Ribeiro's profile image

lais_ribeiro shared a tip "Made me cry so much. So much"

Jema Lynch's profile image

jema shared a tip "It was so good,yet so sad. Be warned I don’t cry often but this made me cry #action #sad"

Caitlan Brewer's profile image

korrasuggboots shared a tip "definitely in my top 10 for life. there's so much feeling behind the writing and the animation is good. it really pulls me in"

* Ziya *'s profile image

_ziya_ shared a tip "This show is so good! I couldn't watch the final episodes since I knew I would cry a lot. So watch at your own risk!"

kazz 's profile image

kazzl1e shared a tip "THE EMOTIONS- no but the soundtrack and art style are so cool, its SUPER emotional and i LOVE it"

Lilac 's profile image

lilac_soup shared a tip "This anime is great, but do not watch it. You will cry. I'm warning you."

Mars 's profile image

marslvr shared a tip "it’s so good but i haven’t been the same since </3"

krowaifu 's profile image

krowaifu shared a tip "best anime"

Alayna Thompson's profile image

alayna_thompson shared a tip "This made me cry like a little bitch highkey have emotional trauma from this show buts it’s still one of my fav anime’s 😔✋🏻"

Kaylee Schmidt's profile image

ihatemydad shared a tip "really sad... i like crying"

Hannah 's profile image

hannah_6467 shared a tip "This was so good 🥺"

Vanessa Mora's profile image

vanessa_mora_7262 shared a tip "AMAZING! The best gang, mafia, bl you could watch. There may be some triggers and is also sad."

gwen l.'s profile image

gwen_l. shared a tip "very tragic story that follows a young american gang leader"

「 A p p l e p i 」's profile image

_a_p_p_l_e_p_i_ shared a tip "This anime made me cry so many times."

Damaris Casillas06's profile image

damariscasillas shared a tip "the ending really got me"

Lexi 's profile image

IamLexi shared a tip "I really love this show, but I’d never watch it in my living room lol, 10/10 love this show would recommend"

Sydney 's profile image

sydney_anime shared a tip "strangers to friends to lovers"

Shelby Smith's profile image

shelby_smith_2389 shared a tip "Thanks! And yeah I think that erased is really good too."

Naiah Kerr's profile image

AvonleaBound shared a tip "Top notch and subtly gay. Lots of guns. Very sad."

MRS. HAWK's profile image

mrs._hawk shared a tip "This anime holds a special place in my heart"

tangerine dragon's profile image

tangerine_dragon shared a tip "Very good to cry to."

Cambria Theirrien's profile image

cambria_theirrien shared a tip "I actually have not watched it but I plan to and it seems like a good show"

Elise Bonds's profile image

elise_bonds shared a tip "Rule 1 don’t get attached to any characters"

nayeli_grace_lyday shared a tip "Bruh I loved it and was very sad"

jordyn_saenz shared a tip "How do I watch it?"

Kazumi kumo's profile image

SleepyKazumii shared a tip "Someone please tell me where I can watch this"

Myrna 's profile image

myrna_6254 shared a tip "Get your tissues ready because this is a roller-coaster of emotions."

madiha_naeem shared a tip "I liked it cause it s broke me. I’m still not over it :("

Aida Ljulja's profile image

aida_lulz shared a tip "The ending stuck with me for months i finished it feb and still haven’t shut up ab it"

Lucy Farace's profile image

lucy_farace shared a tip "this show is literally my favorite thing let me tell you"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "nothing but sadness"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "this show had me in tears"

Alyssa Neubacher's profile image

alyssa_neubacher shared a tip "Very good- but very sad"

lesly ._.'s profile image

lesly_._. shared a tip "right now, i'm really enjoying the walking dead :)"

dixie_scott shared a tip "Pulls on the heart strings big time!"

Sunshine Rat's profile image

sunshine_rat shared a tip "This is honestly one of the best anime’s I watched :D"

kaleb_saint shared a tip "Pretty good action anime adapted from a unique 80s manga"

Maddy 's profile image

maddy_5722 shared a tip "So good but so sad"

vade shared a tip "THIS MADE ME CRY LIKE. A BABY"

Daisy Elwood's profile image

daisy_elwood shared a tip "Loved it soooo much. But so sad. Cryer for weeks 🥺"

J u n e's profile image shared a tip "Ugly sobbed at this more than at least 10 times. Cannot watch the ending without wanting to burst into tears :’))"

Irish Potato Famine's profile image

irish_potato_famine shared a tip "Killed my will to live"

Z. 's profile image

armadaaa_ship shared a tip "Kinda sus how slurs were added in the subtitles by Amazon when they never once said a slur vocally at all 🧐"

ash 's profile image

aash shared a tip "I absolutely love banana fish"


Zy_ 's profile image

bunny.exe shared a tip "I heard this one was sad, but I still haven't watched it yet"

Lily UwU's profile image

lily_uwu shared a tip "The main character is given a heart wrenching backstory... The ending is unexpected and sad an absolute tear jerker"

Oliver 's profile image

strawberry_milk_5678 shared a tip "It made me sob then I watched it again and I sobbed even more."

Riley Spencer's profile image

riley_spencer shared a tip "Definitely"

gia fimiani's profile image

gia_fimiani shared a tip "Such a heartbreaking but incredible story"

Ainsley Dupre’'s profile image

ainsley_dupre shared a tip "i love this series bc of the plot the characters the way it can make you feel every which way just I LOVE ITTT"

gracie 's profile image

gracie_luvv shared a tip "loved loved loved it so much!"

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