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Gold stars for everyone!😷🌟


Wow. Tell me why I loved it?? His mortal body being a hinderance at times was so frustrating but overall I really liked this movie. Idk what it is but I really love Angels!

The Devil Conspiracy imageThe Devil Conspiracy image

The Devil Conspiracy

Movies | Horror

A strong woman.All of those women are very strong such a good movie with a very powerful message.

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A Vigilante

Movies | Thriller

Wow. So intense, so much blood but bloody fantastic (get it? Hehehe) Get this, spoiler alert but literally no one lives and that’s the best part. We rarely see flicks where the killer gets away but he did!!! And that’s just incredible imo Amazing watch. I’m so sorry for that motel owner ,he was caught in the crossfire,oh well.

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No One Lives

Movies | Horror

This movie had no business being this good. Omg this whole time I’m like who? Then everything kept changing but when I seen June’s MacBook on smb screen I’m like awe it’s the momma but omgggggg!!! I kinda feel bad for Kevin tho! He was just a middle man but then again he manipulated Sarah and June,so idk. Overall this was an amazing watch!

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Movies | Thriller

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