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Alpha's Claim

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Amelia Hutchins
Ten years ago, I looked my mate in the eye, and I lied to him. I told him he wasn't my mate and that I never wanted to see him again. I did it to save his life from my father, the alpha of the pack. Now Saint is back, and he's the king of all alphas, with an entire pack created of other alphas he saved from what my father did to them. The thing is, Saint is back for revenge against those who wronged him, and I'm at the top of his list. I did it to save his life, but the cost will be my own.Ten years ago, she broke my heart and ripped out my soul. Her father sent me away to a place worse than hell. I escaped the fate he chose for us and built a pack that couldn't be broken. I'm the King of Alphas, and I'm heading straight for her. Braelyn broke me, but I intend to break her apart until there's nothing left but her worthless soul, and when I reach it? I intend to rip it apart too.
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Amelia Hutchins
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