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NOW THE ACCLAIMED HBO SERIES GAME OF THRONES—THE MASTERPIECE THAT BECAME A CULTURAL PHENOMENON Winter is coming. Such is the stern motto of House Stark, the northernmost of the fiefdoms that owe allegiance to King Robert Baratheon in far-off King’s Landing. There Eddard Stark of Winterfell rules in

Author George R. R. Martin

Pages 720

Publisher Random House Publishing Group

Published Date 2003-01-01

ISBN 0553897845 9780553897845


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jess_effect shared a tip "The book allows a deeper insight on the characters thoughts and emotions. Sansa is just awful."

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puna_earl shared a tip "Interesting books, if only GRRM would complete the story he started."

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jodilu shared a tip "The books read just like the show."

Leia Olson's profile image

leia_olson shared a tip "Dragons and zombies in a high-fantasy setting!"

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justinmendy_rose shared a tip "Beides game of thrones i am a huge kim Harrison fan. Have you read the hollow series. Its a syfi fantasy"

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nathan_wilson_8671 shared a tip "So good."

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addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "A favorite of mine..."

elizabeth_7394 shared a tip "I’m currently reading the From Blood and Ash series! Sooooo good!"

Angela Edwards's profile image

angela_edwards_8490 shared a tip "Wish it never ended."

lynn_stakem shared a tip "Such a great series"

Darrell McPeake's profile image

darrell_mcpeake shared a tip "The lies of Locke Lamora . 3 book series. The House on the cerulean sea. Shadows and bone series"

tammy_burton_5833 shared a tip "It is a long, involved series. I found it hard to keep up with the story lines at times. It I did love it."

Sandy Sellnow's profile image

sandy_sellnow shared a tip "Nah it's just a good read."

Nelle Renee's profile image

nellerenee shared a tip "It's a long one, but I liked it for sure!"

Stephen Lacey's profile image

stephen_lacey shared a tip "Probably the quaint scene of the children receiving their wolves. A quiet before the storm"

meghan_cornell shared a tip "I’ve been reading the second one right now but i love just about everything lol"

Elisa Muñoz-Beck's profile image

elisa_muoz-beck shared a tip "The Lord of the Rings trilogy is my favorite series of books of all time though"

jarod_duggan shared a tip "Epic page turner"

gary_munn shared a tip "Another book coming if you can stand the wait!!!!!"

sue_roberts shared a tip "It’s been a long time, and I listened to it. So I don’t remember. You?"

nicholas_lendermon shared a tip "Like about the whole book?"

jessica_steele shared a tip "Twists and turns in this book will keep you guessing who you can trust and who to stay way from"

Verna wilder's profile image

verna_wilder shared a tip "I binge-read these books."

Annie-Claude Vanier's profile image

annie-claude_vanier shared a tip "It evolved with the books ! Loved Jon, but def' grew to love Sansa a lot !"

Milissa Chapman's profile image

milissa_chapman shared a tip "Loved readings and listening to this book"

Jennifer Innes's profile image

jennifer_innes shared a tip "The series pulls you into a feast of reading. It was hard to put down."

sara holmberg's profile image

sara_holmberg shared a tip "Better than the HBO series"

Minh Dam's profile image

minh_dam shared a tip "Always the Daenerys chapters"

Kelly Dennings's profile image

kelly_dennings shared a tip "Virgin River series"

tracy_g_7427 shared a tip "You will not be sorry. I wish Georgie would finish the one he has been writing forever though."

Izzy Laurin's profile image

izzy_laurin shared a tip "Yes, definitely the first in the series. :)"

amy_ellis_971 shared a tip "The first one was so good. But I really like all of them."

Christophe McCray's profile image

christophe_mccray shared a tip "At this point Tyrion fighting to defend Kings Landing. One of the best battle descriptors."

Katie Breeding's profile image

katie_breeding shared a tip "I think so, I'm completely obsessed with the entire series"

amanda_lechenet shared a tip "Made it through this book only. The show is easier to follow but there are missing characters that add so much to the story."

Suzette Chelini's profile image

suzette_chelini shared a tip "Everything by Karin Slaughter."

David Wilson's profile image

david_wilson_7196 shared a tip "Lately I've been mostly reading books for work and such, but in this vein, Patrick Eothfuss's Kingslayer Chronicles is wonderful"

Megan Teramura's profile image

megan_teramura shared a tip "I really enjoyed it. If you love fantasy, it’s a good book for you!(:"

Heather Mombourquette's profile image

heather_mombourquet shared a tip "I loved all of them"

Vulpa Rose's profile image

vulpa_rose shared a tip "Unfortunately no. Any recommendations?"

Kathy Stack's profile image

kathy_stack shared a tip "At the moment I am waiting for Winds of War with my fingers crossed!"

sophia_9658 shared a tip "I enjoyed the whole series, wby?"

The Novel Tourist's profile image

thenoveltourist shared a tip "Be warned! Once you get started you won’t be able to stop until the series is over (which hasn’t happened yet! Lol)"

Caleb Shields's profile image

caleb_shields shared a tip "The 5th wave series. Pretty good so far."

Sophia Minott's profile image

sophia_minott shared a tip "I haven’t read the series as yet, but based on video and written reviews I am definitely think it’s worth it."

Stephanie Acosta's profile image

stephanie_acosta_7221 shared a tip "Yes start with Book 1 in the series- Game of Thrones - A Song of Fire and Ice. Read them all- so good."

Sam Moreau's profile image

sam_moreau shared a tip "Wayyy too many to count. I think Jon Snows story and Lineage is phenomenal."

bobo_7221 shared a tip "What is your favorite part from book 1?"

Erin Beni's profile image

erin_beni shared a tip "ANY of the Song of Fire & I've books"

alex_crowther_8248 shared a tip "I like the books."

Lori Nichols's profile image

lori_nichols_6622 shared a tip "Fire and Blood. It is like a prequel to Game of Thrones."

Stephanie Joseph's profile image

stephanie_joseph_4119 shared a tip "Only a few seasons haven’t finished it."

shelby_4678 shared a tip "Yea I do!"

Cassey Stewart's profile image

cassey_stewart shared a tip "I have read the GOT series, but none of his other books. Do you have a recommendation?"

Jay Skeen's profile image

jay_skeen shared a tip "Best fantasy writing to be published in a long time."

jean_louis_santos shared a tip "Oxe. Since when u like game of thrones hahahaha"

Shaunna Walter's profile image

shaunna_walter shared a tip "As long as you're into fantasy then yes I'd highly recommend it!"

Delphi 's profile image

delphi shared a tip "This Heart of Mine by CC Hunter"

andy_stamatio shared a tip "Can’t put it down. I even went out and got the books he wrote about Westeros but isn’t about Game of Thrones."

heather_rufenacht shared a tip "Only watched the serious"

k_trach shared a tip "Enjoyed the books more than the series."

Erica McBee's profile image

erica_mcbee shared a tip "I can't pick!"

Aaron Francis's profile image

aaron_francis shared a tip "I now understand why people love this series! By far one of the greatest fantasy books I’ve ever read!"

Max Almaguer's profile image

max_almaguer shared a tip "@harperbrownca id recommend it :)"

Hailee Hall's profile image

hailee_hall shared a tip "Currently reading a shifter series first book is called Stray"

jamarcus_simms shared a tip "Mostly the fighting scenes were written really well"

Vicki Nhan-Luttrell's profile image

vicki_nhan-luttrell shared a tip "It was exactly like season one so disappointing to me"

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