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Robert Neville may well be the last living man on Earth . . . but he is not alone. An incurable plague has mutated every other man, woman, and child into bloodthirsty, nocturnal creatures who are determined to destroy him. By day, he is a hunter, stalking the infected monstrosities through the aband

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Author Richard Matheson

Pages 317

Publisher Macmillan

Published Date 2007-10-30

ISBN 0765318741 9780765318749


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Faith Shaffer's profile image

beadzombie shared a tip "Read it before you see the movie. (Like you should do all.)"

XainPhooenix Etzel's profile image

xainphooenix_etzel shared a tip "So much better than the movie attempts, this is a deep and thoughtful book about what makes a monsteR"

Summer Steffen Land's profile image

summer_steffen_land shared a tip "This is probably in my top 5 books."

kylee_m_5141 shared a tip "#love this booooook"

Matthew Tylutki Jr.'s profile image

matthew_tylutki_jr. shared a tip "This is a classic vampire novel"

erin_crocker shared a tip "Great book, horrible movie!"

Ann Smith's profile image

ann_smith_9266 shared a tip "It's so much older then this movie ☺"

Sarah Bryant's profile image

sarah_bryant_1451 shared a tip "Movie aside (not a fan), Matheson's tale of a dystopian future is a heartwrenching examination of the definition if humanity."

Mockingbirds Call's profile image

mockingbirds shared a tip "I loved the movie and the unrated one is a little better."

Lynette Whipple's profile image

lynette_whipple_1993 shared a tip "Yes great movie haven't read the book so I can't compare"

Kelley Schlomach's profile image

kelley_schlomach shared a tip "The very end when he became the monster that the monsters feared."

awesome_user_766738 's profile image

adam_mcgee_5344 shared a tip "THIS TENDER LAND"

Michelle Gibson's profile image

michelle_gibson_2340 shared a tip "I'm currently reading a few of Grady Hendrix's novels. Next, I'll be reading Richard Matheson's Hell House."

Alexandria Reetz's profile image

alexandria_reetz shared a tip "Very. And after you read it there's a movie accompaniment. (The movie is good as well)"

Online Wacko's profile image

online_wacko shared a tip "Absolutely, though I found both the book and the movie to be really good"

Jessica Zlotnick's profile image

jessica_zlotnick shared a tip "Have you read station 11?!"

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lordpun777 shared a tip "Watched the movie, got the book from the library, 8/10"

andrew_smith_4955 shared a tip "A very very good look at absolute loneliness and survival I really liked this one. It was the audio book"

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