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Rachel Harroche



Horror, Thrillers, SciFi, Fantasy, and True Crime Weirdly obsessed with zombies Criminology student and Legal Clerk


I really liked the writing style. I hadn't heard of most of the killets discussed in this book so I really felt like I learned something new

The 10 Worst Serial Killers imageThe 10 Worst Serial Killers image

The 10 Worst Serial Killers

Books | Victor McQueen

A must read for sci-fi fans. Completely different from the movie. I really enjoyed reading this. Asimov's writing style is captivating, can't wait to read the foundation collection

I, Robot imageI, Robot image

I, Robot

Books | Isaac Asimov

Love triss in the book, Yennefer is great too. A little confusing at times but having played the game and having an idea of the timeline helped. The writing was sometimes a bit odd in my opinion but I enjoyed it and will be reading the other books

Blood of Elves imageBlood of Elves image

Blood of Elves

Books | Andrzej Sapkowski

Very different from the movie. Fun read, a bit heavy (in terms of writing and language) at times.

I Am Legend imageI Am Legend image

I Am Legend

Books | Richard Matheson

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