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Nature-loving, crafty, cat mom. I love: comedy; zombies; horror (esp horror-comedy); supernatural; and anything quirky (like me). I prefer HEA and prefer not to watch something I know doesn't end well, or is too sad. (Tho, I still watched Games of Thrones.) I've seen enough crime/cop shows that you don't want to get on my bad list. Interesting fact: I got to meet Bruce Campbell at an anime convention!!! Same name on IG. DISCLAIMER: I love B-movies and some movies that are so bad they're good.


Possibly the grossest #zombies ever! [Though, I don't think they were technically actual zombies, but just infected with the virus.] It was totally #mindbending - switching from past to present to someone else's past, etc. You have to pay attention to this one! And, it is totally worth it! Added to my favorite #horror and #Mindbending movie lists. Great watch!

The Hive imageThe Hive image

The Hive

Movies | Horror

An old Jim Carrey where he is mega-super dorky. It is, of course, hilarious, but quite #cringeworthy at times.

Copper Mountain imageCopper Mountain image

Copper Mountain

Movies | Comedy

Pauly Shore. He is hilarious in this. My dad would've freaked if I brought someone like him home.

Son in Law imageSon in Law image

Son in Law

Movies | Comedy

Great list of actors. I liked it! Cool critters. I need to rewatch it now!

The Island of Dr. Moreau imageThe Island of Dr. Moreau image

The Island of Dr. Moreau

Movies | Fantasy

Hilarious even though I HATE (scared of?) roaches. Definitely an EWWWW film! And, OMG! The TOWEL!!! #cringeworthy #comedy

Joe's Apartment imageJoe's Apartment image

Joe's Apartment

Movies | Fantasy

It kept my interest throughout. A few extraterrestrials near the end - and a laugh after the credits. If you are into UFOs or ETs, give it a watch!

Area 51 imageArea 51 image

Area 51

Movies | Horror

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