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Divided into five chapters and illustrated by kaur, the sun and her flowers is a journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. A celebration of love in all its forms.this is the recipe of lifesaid my motheras she held me in her arms as i weptthink of those flowers you plantin the garde

Author Rupi Kaur

Pages 256

Publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing

Published Date 2017-10-03

ISBN 1449488897 9781449488895


Google 3.5


Kaitlynn Babbert's profile image

kaitbabbs shared a tip "Be far the best book of poetry I’ve read. It is raw, honest, and emotionally gripping"

Hope 's profile image

hopeuyemura shared a tip "Rupi Kaur does it again!!"

cara_178 shared a tip "really deep messages behind the poetry easy read but it keeps you emotionally ingaged"

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lily_rolfe shared a tip "So beautiful, spoke to me, touched me in so many ways."

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red_bean shared a tip "#poetry #women_authors #female_directed #women_empowerment #sexual_assault #sexual_abuse #triggerwarning"

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avani_5481 shared a tip "Such a good book and now is a great time to read"

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amaya_bailey_1692 shared a tip "Stunning 🌻"

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sara_pelland shared a tip "One of those books that makes you proud of your womanhood. Made me want to go hug my mom"

lindsey_young shared a tip "For uplifting"

Annie Shewmake's profile image

annie_shewmake shared a tip "I haven't read a whole lot from her but milk and honey is also a pretty good one by her"

Molly Studebaker-Reed's profile image

molly_studebaker-re shared a tip "A great reminder that women are, at heart, organic. Confronts topics with no softening of words, striking and wonderful."

xiary 's profile image

xiary shared a tip "Milk and honey and this is honestly my favorite poetry books. I related to it a lot. Such an amazing book :)"

retche_tankovich shared a tip "It is beautifully written beyond a coffee table book 😍😍😍😍"

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k_nap shared a tip "Easy reading and love reflecting"

mia_morales_2328 shared a tip "Perfect for self love and healing ❤️"

sidney stephenson oates's profile image

sidneyalexxxis shared a tip "yeah of course! i hope you like it!"

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emily_cornforth shared a tip "all of it"

Carissa Mancuso-Miller's profile image

carissa_mancuso-mil shared a tip "Like what was my favorite poem?"

breanna_j shared a tip "There was not a part I like more than the rest, I just love the book overall in general the concept."

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joanna_della-peruta shared a tip "I do! I like her a lot"

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amber_thibert shared a tip "Great collection of poetry. Provocative and thought provoking."

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tessa_shaffner shared a tip "Hayden has"

cheyenne_berryhill shared a tip "good. good. 3/5"

caitlynn_ shared a tip "Nice feel good book"

Kyleigh P's profile image

kyleigh_p shared a tip "I love reading this book, especially when I’m feeling down and want to write, it helps me with expressing how I feel."

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jamika_scott shared a tip "A perfect book for a quick read"

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LittleKay shared a tip "I love it🥰"

samantha_gonzalez_4942 shared a tip "Recommend"

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joyce_fleming shared a tip "Bxbxhxbhdhdhdhdj bxbxhxbhdhdhdhdj bc hdbdhdbhdhdhdbdhdhhdbdbd Hdhdhhhdbdbdbbf"

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kylie_mcdaniel_6459 shared a tip "All of it ☺ its an easy read poetry book"

patrisha castillo's profile image

patrisha_castillo shared a tip "I'm a fond of many authors!"

nadia_nelson_5042 shared a tip "@debra_wolf I liked it, but it wasn’t as good as Milk and Honey. That’s just my personal opinion. I guess I could relate more."

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natilie_altman shared a tip "It was such a good book and the words just speak to everyone"

sanai_tucker_9753 shared a tip "@megan_stone yes I love this author"

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justine_currie shared a tip "@jeff_lenz this is the only book i’ve read from them but would love to read more!"

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lydi shared a tip "This book nearly made me cry a couple of times. Lots of relatable poems and such in here. Just makes you think..."

brandy_razo shared a tip "Yes it is. I also love Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell"

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gabriela_6166 shared a tip "Hangsaman by Shirley Jackson is one of my favorite! @turnergray1"

angie_4374 shared a tip "Home body is another one by her or the silent patient by Alex michaelides"

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sydney_scheels shared a tip "Totally! One of my faves."

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nancycb shared a tip "Definitely"

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dally.parton shared a tip "if rupi kaur wrote it, it is fantastic! I love it"

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sfi_lamica shared a tip "You're very welcome. Definitely one of my faves"

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keirston_price shared a tip "."

lauren_horton_8234 shared a tip "Beautifully written and thought-provoking poetry."

claire__9836 shared a tip "love love love this book <3"

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celina_s._palacio shared a tip "Anything rupi kaur is *chefs kiss*"

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