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I love hardback covers but my shelves mainly consist of paperbacks. My favorite genres are fantasy, contemporary/romance and thriller/mystery. I do pick up the occasional "What did I just read book" it's usually not in genres I prefer but are worth it. My goodreads is @ Annabelle (I have the same profile pic). I leave my reviews on this app but I rate them on goodreads. I hope we can become friends and enjoy some books!📚📖. Also I love vampires, if you have recommendations, let me know! YA/NA


This is the 2nd poetry book I've read and I loved it. I felt like there was hidden meanings within the meanings of her poems. The images she used spoke a lot to me even though they didn't have much writing for them. This book makes me want to read more poetry and I think I will. Great read!!

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New Names for Lost Things

Books | Noor Unnahar

I feel absolutely empty and hollow inside...The pain this series caused me, specifically this book, was too much to bear at once. Beautifully written story and characters. Cassandra has taken my heart and squeezed it so hard with her words that I cannot help but cry over and over again. I love the way it ended and I can't wait for the Last Hours finale next year. I will not look at this series or the Last Hours series the same ever again(in a good and sad way). Phenomenal series, I highly recommend. It'll be too painful to re-read but since I like torturing myself, I'll most likely do it.

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Clockwork Princess

Books | Cassandra Clare

Cassandra just keeps hurting me! This book was just as amazing as the first one. I love everything about it, especially the characters development. Even Will started to make me smile and laugh more. During a certain time of reading, I did have to put down the book, grab a pillow and hug it to my chest. At this point I turned to my sister and said "I feel betrayed..." I literally stopped reading for a good 8 minutes. There were moments where I was like "Seriously, why can't everyone stop interrupting!!" I'm not prepared to read the last book, I've already felt way too many emotions during this one! Amazing read!!!

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Clockwork Prince

Books | Cassandra Clare

LOVE IT!!! I can't believe I waited this long to read this series! This was just amazing! Cassandra Clare is a great writer and author! The story was phenomenal, love all the characters. But Will did get on my nerves alot and I honestly didn't like his attitude! But it just added to the story I guess. I can't wait to dive in book 2!! Amazing read!!

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Clockwork Angel

Books | Cassandra Clare

Intense and very interesting. When I started this, I thought it was a bit boring, it took me a whole week to reach 100 pages. But I got to say, it definitely picked up after that. I was really irritated with some characters and I felt bad for others. The storyline from book one is strong leading into this one. The character development for Sophie was well done, but I do feel like she's not done yet(if you know what I'm talking about). It was a nice ending for everyone. I can't wait for book 4!(hopefully it starts off strong). Good read.

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The Last Ever After

Books | Soman Chainani

Love it! This is definitely one of my favorites from Sarah. Love the storyline of this(is it similar to her other ones...yes) but in a different way which I really enjoyed. Remy dealt with "love" in a way that "helps" her(which it didn't).I have to admit dexter is by far the most chaotic male love interest than all the other ones I've read😆! I honestly felt so bad for her mom, I thought everything was going well too and that happened!! I will definitely reread this one because its just amazing!

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This Lullaby

Books | Sarah Dessen

This took me a while to finish, but it was worth it. It was completely different from anything Stephanie has written and I loved it! Although, since there was a lot of information shoved onto one page, I felt like I spent 3 minutes reading a 2 pages or something. So, it took me more time to sort things out than usual. The characters were great though, especially as the story went one, you could see the development of each one. Some funny parts also. Loved the detail of everything. Great read!

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The Chemist

Books | Stephenie Meyer

Abbi is amazing! This one really took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting some of the plot to happen, which made it more interesting. I felt a lot of sadness and hurt for Tallulah, she had to go through a lot which sucked. People are rude and disgusting!(in this book). I felt bad for Nash too. The characters were great in their own way. I'll definitely be picking up the next books. Great read!

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Losing the Field

Books | Abbi Glines

This was alright, kind of boring though. I was on the fence when I bought this last year and now I'm like "I could've just went to the library and got it, instead of wasting my money". I'm not a huge fan of Indiana Jones or the mummy or national treasure, in which this book was almost exactly like those movies. The characters were okay, the actual storyline bored me. I was the twists coming a mile away, although there were some funny parts. But it still wasn't good. Would I read book 2? No.

Curse of the Specter Queen (Volume 1) imageCurse of the Specter Queen (Volume 1) image

Curse of the Specter Queen (Volume 1)

Books | Jenny Elder Moke

This was really good! I really liked how the sister dynamic changed alot throughout the story. I can kind of relate more to cath than to wren. I haven't read the authors other series(Carry on) but I liked how she added it in this one. Levi was pretty cool and Reagan too(she was funny). I also liked how the author wrote the first year college classes. I would definitely read this one again, just because it had a balance of being funny, serious and lighthearted. Great read!

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Books | Rainbow Rowell

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