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Because I Want To

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Leann Lane
Vie is a whiz at computers and numbers. Everyday she is surrounded by normal boring and predictable. But she has a naughty side that she rarely lets show.She longs for the freedom only complete submission can give her. Worse yet, she's beginning to fantasize about a certain rough and tough Marine that Master Reed has asked her to help. Trev is the last man on earth that would ever give the mousey little accountant the time of day. So she's forced herself to ignore the growing ache that his presence brings on.Trev is a hard core Marine with a soft spot for women in trouble that has finally found his baby sister after 10 years of searching. Deep in debit and trying hard to get his life back in order; he finds himself blindsided by the fact that his baby sister is into bondage. Blindsided and intrigued.He can't stop himself from wondering what it would be like to have this shy and reclusive woman at his mercy. To bring her pleasure and watch as she gives herself totally and completely over to him.The only problem is he can't bring himself to fully commit to the lifestyle. Yet at every turn, every opportunity the Dom in him rises to insert himself over Vie until he's left feeling torn between two totally different worlds.One path leads him towards a purely vanilla life absent of all the light Vie brings. The other twist down a bumpy road filled with erotic sinful pleasures and naughty little games for him and this woman to play.
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Leann Lane
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