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Darby Kane thrills with this twisty domestic suspense novel that asks one central question: shouldn't a dead husband stay dead? Lila Ridgefield lives in an idyllic college town, but not everything is what it seems. Lila isn't what she seems. A student vanished months ago. Now, Lila's husband, Aaron,

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Author Darby Kane

Pages 416

Publisher HarperCollins

Published Date 2021-01-21

ISBN 0063016400 9780063016408


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Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "Fun, twisty read that kept me guessimg!"

Dasha Kiryushina's profile image

dasha_kiryushina shared a tip "Crazy ass plot discovery… not bad!!"

MissY D's profile image

missy_d_9590 shared a tip "Classic thriller that keeps you on your toes on what's really going on."

nicole_2414 shared a tip "Suspenseful, plot twists. Was well written"

Janie Jenkins's profile image

janie_jenkins_988 shared a tip "If you want a book that just keeps getting better this is definitely for you!! It is a page turner and will shock you for sure!!"

Maren Friedman's profile image

maren_friedman shared a tip "This was a wild ride."

Cheri Robinson's profile image

cheri_robinson shared a tip "Haven't read was just making picks."

Amber Devereaux's profile image

amber_devereaux shared a tip "Great read. Gets your attention from the start"

bobbie_yount shared a tip "Loved this book from the very beginning. A must read thriller!"

Ashley Maria's profile image

ashley_maria_414 shared a tip "AMAZING! SUSPENSEFUL. I’m on the edge of my seat STILL. 100000000/100. #mystery #drama #prettylittlewife"

catherine_morrison shared a tip "Awesome book!!!"

Kacie Quiterio's profile image

kacie_quiterio shared a tip "Fast paced with many twists & turns."

AJ Knott's profile image

aj_knott shared a tip "The writing didn't blow my skirt up, but the twisty turns were interesting and it turned out pretty good"

cheyenne_2614 shared a tip "Great story that had me guessing the whole book!"

Marianne Santa's profile image

marianne_santa_2608 shared a tip "Sick book loved it!!"

Vivian Darkly's profile image

vivian_darkly shared a tip "Red Queen and the Fallen series. What about you?"

tamara_di_sano shared a tip "I always wanted to read what happened next! Really kept me on my toes!!!"

nadine_ubert shared a tip "Fast fun read that makes you want more. I had a hard time putting it down."

Angela Blankenship's profile image

angela_blankenship shared a tip "Actually, I haven’t read it yet. But I like the genre and I can tell it’s a great book."

laura_navarro shared a tip "Loved it, keeps you hooked"

Penny Allen's profile image

penny_allen_5617 shared a tip "Yes this is so worth it can I actually read books on this site as lm new to this"

amanda_3503 shared a tip "Loved this book!!! Cannot wait for her next book to come. Already preordered :-)"

Kristin 's profile image

kristin_3300 shared a tip "I read through it pretty quick. Good twist at the end"

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