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See the Grishaverse come to life on screen with Shadow and Bone, now a Netflix original series. A glorious Collector's Edition of New York Times bestselling, epic fantasy novel CROOKED KINGDOM, featuring: *Intricate gold iconography from the world of the book* *Seven pieces of full-color character

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Author Leigh Bardugo

Pages 544

Publisher Hachette Children's Group

Published Date 2019-09

ISBN 1510107037 9781510107038


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rb_5373 shared a tip "This book hurt me in unimaginable ways 😭😭😭"

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Freckles_reads shared a tip "I absolutely loved it!!! To me it was as great as Six of Crows"

Willow S's profile image

willow_s_474 shared a tip "Even better than Six of Crows!"

aya 's profile image

aya_mehanna shared a tip "bro i have no words to describe how much i loved this book. had me crying at the end though :("

Bee Morgan's profile image

bee_morgan shared a tip "A complex world but a good read"

Lexi 's profile image

lexi_k6 shared a tip "such a great ending to the story, and both books are written so beautifully."

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olivia_jeanne shared a tip "Wylan and Jesper 😭❤️"

Madie Coleman's profile image

madie_coleman shared a tip "2nd books goes so much farther into character development and you really end up rooting for the them all the way till the end."

Rebecca Sharp's profile image

rebecca_sharp shared a tip "Oh my god what a follow up. I sobbed, I screamed, I couldn’t have predicted half of it if I tried."

Pig Poop's profile image

pig_poop shared a tip "I will never recover"

Hannah M's profile image

hannah_m_9435 shared a tip "I cried at the end of this It was so so sad."

Abygale Harvey's profile image

abygale_harvey shared a tip "BUT THIS ONE NEXT!!"

lexi_251 shared a tip "I have not yet read this book if you have leave a comment please"

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birchy53 shared a tip "Great ending to the duology. Recomend the series for sure."

Luhita Sharma's profile image

luhita_sharma shared a tip "If you're going to read Six of Crows, you have to get this one! The second and last in the series. It. Is. EPIC!"

Evey 's profile image

mavenstoothbrush shared a tip "THE ENDING MADE ME SOB SAD AND HAPPY TEARS"

Owen 's profile image

caste shared a tip "Not even bones by Rebecca Schaeffer!"

ClimberGirl07 's profile image

climbergirl07 shared a tip "Have you read six of Crows?"

laura_huggins_7425 shared a tip "Lord of the rings is definitely my favorite book/series!"

Nicholas Green's profile image

nicholas_green shared a tip "A satisfying end to a wonderful duology"

Tree F.'s profile image

PixelTree shared a tip "Absolutely love it. It’s one of my favorite books, the characters are great and the setting is well fleshed out! 100/10 book"

Hanako 's profile image

hanako shared a tip "I really loved Crooked Kingdom because it was like Six of Crows on steroids !"

Peyton Pearcy's profile image

peyton_pearcy shared a tip "kanej ruin my life challenge...GO"

Shalaina Lalonde's profile image

ShalainaLalonde shared a tip "Its really good like the first one and I really recommend"

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felisha_riley shared a tip "Literally read this book within days! The characters are well written with just the right amount of mystery 😃"

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hi_i_read shared a tip "Blood heir by Amélie Wen Zhao is really good"

Lil-Farrah 's profile image

lil-farrah shared a tip "8/10"

amanda_singleton_5397 shared a tip "My top three right now are Six of Crows, The Space Between Worlds, and Skyward. What are your favorites?"

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hopehelen shared a tip "Obsessed"

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winter_lingo shared a tip "Hmmm, I don't. I loved the whole book equally."

Zayane Lopes's profile image

zayane_lopes shared a tip "i love this one too! definitely we hunt the flame or the last magician !"

kylie_burnham shared a tip "Yes! I absolutely loved this duology! It's well written, perfectly paced, and brilliantly intriguing from start to finish."

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nicole_perry_8883 shared a tip "My FAVORITE book right now are the star crossed books"

Sofia Perez's profile image

sofia_perez_3163 shared a tip "Not really"

aleena_arshad shared a tip "Definitely recommend , it’s a second book in a Duology and a very good read!"

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hannah__ shared a tip "This is the second book in a duology it is pretty good the first one is six of crows"

kat_5988 shared a tip "AMAZING sequal"

Émilie McDuff's profile image

milie_mcduff shared a tip "I want more whit thoses caracters !!! 2 books wasnt enought !!"

Ginnie Ramirez's profile image

ginnie_ramirez shared a tip "I liked all of the different perspectives."

a_404 shared a tip "I loved this plot wise I liked to first book better but character wise i like this one better"

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gabbyhasnosoul shared a tip "i’m in pAIINN"

Rebekah Garcia's profile image

rebekah_garcia shared a tip "Not that I can remember, but I did enjoy the Kaz and Inej character development"

Aqsa Ashfaq's profile image

aqsa_ashfaq shared a tip "Kanej Feels!!!!"

haley_demirdog shared a tip "Great book!"

grace_pazurek shared a tip "#5"

Dubem Ezeanolue's profile image

dubem_ezeanolue shared a tip "@ellaanderson no problem hope you like it!"

Kelly Walker's profile image

kelly_walker_9910 shared a tip "Drove me mad trying to be up to par with Kaz Brekker"

Leighton Lambert's profile image

leighton_lambert shared a tip "The whole scene when there having the auction and when kaz and van eck are uno reversing each other"

Ori m's profile image

ori_m shared a tip "Everything. Adventure"

elizabeth lazenby's profile image

elizabeth_lazenby shared a tip "this is the second book to six of crows, it’s very good, and i recommend reading it after six of crows."

breanna_marceniuk shared a tip "AMAZING. One of the best I’ve read in quite some time! Loved it."

Natalie Subgrunski's profile image

natalie_subgrunski shared a tip "I have so many favorite books! Do you have a specific genre?"

bambie_wurzburger shared a tip "The whole series was amazing!"

Noemi Tapia-Reyes's profile image

noemi_tapia-reyes shared a tip "Currently reading dance of thieves and so far it’s been great"

Lisa Paglicci's profile image

lisa_paglicci shared a tip "A perfect sequel!"

Sarah Stoflet's profile image

sarah_stoflet shared a tip "My favorite book from the Grishaverse so far!"

Nickelei Nyx's profile image

nickelei_nyx shared a tip "First was better in every way as far as I was concerned, still an enjoyable read"

Alejandra Alvarado's profile image

alejandra_alvarado_8968 shared a tip "Kaz is amazing (my fav), Inej is cool, loved Matthias—oh who am I kidding? I love them all!"

lilli 🤎's profile image

lilli_l shared a tip "I'm reading the Song of Achilles! Heard a lot of good things about it. I'm enjoying do far!"

Chanpory Rith's profile image

chanpory_rith shared a tip "Yes!"

Liv Lively's profile image

livlively shared a tip "How kill la kill was for us nerds in book form."

Caitlin 's profile image

caitlin_8663 shared a tip "100%. There are spoilers to the Shadow and Bone series if you haven’t read that yet."

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mary_laff shared a tip "Loved!!!"

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saro_t shared a tip "The Mirror Visitor by Cristelle Dabos"

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personwhoreads shared a tip "It’s ok :3"

Brooklyn Megie's profile image

brooklyn_megie shared a tip "fav author"

amanda_7029 shared a tip "By far the best book of the Grishaverse. Even if you aren't going to read shadow and bone you should read the crows duology."

Noomi 's profile image

noomi shared a tip "Different kind of pacing from the original but just as entertaining! I love the character development"

Caitlin Coatney's profile image

caitlin_coatney shared a tip "So good"

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Seven0Six shared a tip "I’m emotionally ruined. I don’t think I will recover from this one."

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drew_roncelli shared a tip "definitely"

Isabelle King's profile image

isabelle_king_908 shared a tip "LOVED IT"

rachel_4755 shared a tip "Amazing characters! Their storylines build from the first book in amazing, surprising ways"

Deedee 's profile image

deeds_reads shared a tip "I just finished An Enchantment of Ravens and I’m about to read A Queen of Coin and Whispers. I’m super excited."

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