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*The Grishaverse will be coming to Netflix soon with SHADOW AND BONE, an original series!*A glorious Collector's Edition of New York Times bestselling, epic fantasy novel, SIX OF CROWS: CROOKED KINGDOM. This covetable hardback is a perfect gift for fans, and a perfect way to discover the unforgettab

Author Leigh Bardugo

Pages 544

Publisher Hachette Children's Group

Published Date 2019-09

ISBN 1510107037 9781510107038

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rebekah_5373 shared a tip "This book hurt me in unimaginable ways 😭😭😭"

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caste shared a tip "Not even bones by Rebecca Schaeffer!"

amanda_singleton_5397 shared a tip "My top three right now are Six of Crows, The Space Between Worlds, and Skyward. What are your favorites?"

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hopehelen shared a tip "Obsessed"

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winter_lingo shared a tip "Hmmm, I don't. I loved the whole book equally."

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zayane_lopes shared a tip "i love this one too! definitely we hunt the flame or the last magician !"

kylie_burnham shared a tip "Yes! I absolutely loved this duology! It's well written, perfectly paced, and brilliantly intriguing from start to finish."

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lexi_k6 shared a tip "such a great ending to the story, and both books are written so beautifully."

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nicole_perry_8883 shared a tip "My FAVORITE book right now are the star crossed books"

aleena_arshad shared a tip "Definitely recommend , it’s a second book in a Duology and a very good read!"

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dubem_ezeanolue shared a tip "@ellaanderson no problem hope you like it!"

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leighton_lambert shared a tip "The whole scene when there having the auction and when kaz and van eck are uno reversing each other"

Natalie Subgrunski's profile image

natalie_subgrunski shared a tip "I have so many favorite books! Do you have a specific genre?"

bambie_wurzburger shared a tip "The whole series was amazing!"

Noemi Tapia-Reyes's profile image

noemi_tapia-reyes shared a tip "Currently reading dance of thieves and so far it’s been great"

lilli 🤎's profile image

lilli_l shared a tip "I'm reading the Song of Achilles! Heard a lot of good things about it. I'm enjoying do far!"

Chanpory Rith's profile image

chanpory_rith shared a tip "Yes!"

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caitlin_8663 shared a tip "100%. There are spoilers to the Shadow and Bone series if you haven’t read that yet."

Lil-Farrah 's profile image

lil-farrah shared a tip "8/10"

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mary_laff shared a tip "Loved!!!"

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saro_t shared a tip "The Mirror Visitor by Cristelle Dabos"

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personwhoreads shared a tip "It’s ok :3"

amanda_7029 shared a tip "By far the best book of the Grishaverse. Even if you aren't going to read shadow and bone you should read the crows duology."

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drew_roncelli shared a tip "definitely"

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