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I think I still like the second one the best. But this one was also good. Set in New Orleans so it mentions some of the haunted places there which is really interesting and gets you looking up stuff to learn more about it.

Bridge of Souls (City of Ghosts #3) imageBridge of Souls (City of Ghosts #3) image

Bridge of Souls (City of Ghosts #3)

Books | Victoria Schwab

I liked this one even more than the first. Since they are children's books they are fast reads but this one has you on the edge of your seat.

Tunnel of Bones imageTunnel of Bones image

Tunnel of Bones

Books | Victoria Schwab

I love VE Schwab! This is an interesting idea about ghosts and the place between. It's a quick read. I've already got the second one ready to go!

City of Ghosts imageCity of Ghosts image

City of Ghosts

Books | Victoria Schwab

Love this Cinderella story! The movie is not even kind of like the book. I read it expecting the stuff from the movie but the entire storyline is different. The book is way better and doesn't have the shreklike mixing of modern day behavior in the old fashioned setting. This is very much just another version of cinderella with the curse added in and her relationship with the prince is so sweet and genuine.

Ella Enchanted imageElla Enchanted image

Ella Enchanted

Books | Gail Carson Levine

I read this because it's the same author as Artemis Fowl. It has a similar theme of taking mythical creatures but making them people in the modern world which is entertaining. This one is a dragon who likes Netflix and lives in the Louisiana bayou. The writing style is similar but with a lot of innuendo and language. Overall it was a fun read. Not mind-blowing or anything but entertaining.

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Books | Eoin Colfer

Beautiful middle grade book. The main character has a stutter and I liked that the author didn't make her "cured" at the end. She makes a voice for herself and she grows to do something that she loves. I think it's a good book for young readers.

Wildoak imageWildoak image


Books | C. C. Harrington

If you like the Silent Patient, you will like this one too. The author has characters in the Silent Patient show up in this one but they don't REALLY have anything to do with each other. The ending is UPSETTING! It was quite a twist but be aware it will make you mad. This author is really good at making you think you know what the twist will but then completely throwing you for a loop.

The Maidens imageThe Maidens image

The Maidens

Books | Alex Michaelides

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