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⭐️ hi! my favorite book genres are ya, thriller + romcoms. my fav show/movie genres ar horror/thriller, sitcom, + romcom ⭐️ not a whole lot going on at the moment ⭐️ give me some scary movie recs! it 2017 vibes pls. ⭐️ i don’t rly read anymore :( but make sure to check out my old reviews!


great read, not very memorable (I think it was pretty good but I’m not sure if this actually was the book I’m thinking about lol). nice ending!

The Falling Girls imageThe Falling Girls image

The Falling Girls

Books | Hayley Krischer

pretty good! the characters had zero redeemable qualities but i had a fun time watching it. i should’ve watched it with friends tho, i watched it with my mom lol. don’t do that. ⭐️3.5/5⭐️

Do Revenge imageDo Revenge image

Do Revenge

Movies | Comedy

ok, I loved this series. here’s my review for the whole trilogy: absolutely amazing. i didn’t love part one but it was still pretty good, just felt a little modern and the killer was boring. part two was my fav because it really focused on the killer and had a huge plot twist at the end. part three was so shocking omg. crazy. it was rly scary at the end my heart was racing so fast!!! i didn’t really like the beginning of part three because it pretty much skipped over the killer part. i like the killer parts more but the witch stuff is cool, part three just had too much witch stuff for me. but yeah so great. ugh love it sm, i hope they make a part four because what happened there in the credit scene??? 🤔 ⭐️4.5/5⭐️

Fear Street: 1994 imageFear Street: 1994 image

Fear Street: 1994

Movies | Horror

so good. what a plot twist at the end. ik some people say none of the twists were shocking but what!!!!! iykyk. and the way ziggy and nick connected into the third one was so crazy bro. i loved this one, it just matches my horror movie vibe better than the other two. i just love kids in the 80’s ish with like no adults and they’re just getting brutally murdered. i did like how there was less witch stuff unlike 1+3. idk the witch stuff wasn’t my fav but it did add some cool storyline depth!!

Fear Street: 1978 imageFear Street: 1978 image

Fear Street: 1978

Movies | Horror

pretty slay, not as good as the first one from 2017, but still pretty good. kinda sad towards the end tbh. i do really like the kids and wish they had been in more of it. idk it was just weird adults this time and i just like the horror movie kid gang trope.

It Chapter Two imageIt Chapter Two image

It Chapter Two

Movies | Horror

this was so sad omg 😭😭😭 such a good movie. idk everyone always says tim burton is creepy but his movies rock. this was a little boring at times but the ending was so sad. super great I recommend.

Edward Scissorhands imageEdward Scissorhands image

Edward Scissorhands

Movies | Fantasy

Pretty good! my dad and sister wanted to watch this, and usually I think shark movies are dumb but I stuck around and it delivered. wish more people had died, only people we didn’t like died. but the shark were very cool looking and in terms of effects, amazing.

The Meg imageThe Meg image

The Meg

Movies | Action

this was pretty good. the effects weren’t always it (considering it was 1976) but pretty cool and a good plot. i loved the end scenes w Carrie in her house and sue’s dream, i thought that was really cool. recommend for a very light thrill.

Carrie imageCarrie image


Movies | Horror

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