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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Selection series comes this sweeping standalone fantasy romance. A girl with a secret. The boy of her dreams. An ocean between them. Throughout the ages, the Ocean has occasionally rescued young women from drowning. To repay their debt, these young w

Author Kiera Cass

Pages 336

Publisher HarperCollins Publishers

Published Date 2016-01-28

ISBN 0008157944 9780008157944


Google 3.5


Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "It was a cute book. More for younger kids/ Yong teens, but I enjoyed it all the same. Quick supernatural him."

Ava 's profile image

ava_ryan_1273 shared a tip "Decent. Enjoyable but somewhat unmemorable"

Kate 's profile image

DancingDino shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book! The ending was sad but amazing. Definitely a fav"

Delaney R's profile image

delaney_r_4722 shared a tip "Is this a good read? I read selection and am looking for more books by Keira cass"

Delaney R's profile image

delaney_r_4722 shared a tip "Ok so I’m making my friend a book box with this book what’s some things in the book I could give her with it?"

Landis Wyatt's profile image

landis_wyatt shared a tip "Did this make anyone cry? Just me?"

Dawn Younger's profile image

dawn_younger_2436 shared a tip "Definitely strange story, but has a great love story."

Jaime Garno's profile image

jaime_garno shared a tip "Recommend to everyone!"

Samantha Milks's profile image

samantha_milks shared a tip "Best book for more emotional and unique "mermaids" and their bond with humanity and the ocean."

rae_rae shared a tip "I personally thought it was a great read, and some cute and difficult romance."

hannah_konopacki shared a tip "i read this one and loved it!"

riptide 's profile image

bex_549 shared a tip "I just finished this book about 5 minutes ago and I’m still crying. GORGEOUS."

Reece Loftin's profile image

reece_loftin shared a tip "I loved the romance and how it was just different than what I have read"

Jessica Butler's profile image

jessica_butler_7583 shared a tip "Quick easy read"

madison Eastman's profile image

madison_eastman shared a tip "Really sweet book, great for those rainy day reads"

Stéphanellie Parent's profile image

stphanellie_parent shared a tip "The only book I read 3 or 4 times."

sophia_438 shared a tip "If you like sweet romance it’s for you, but otherwise it’s not for you"

Gabriela Ramirez's profile image

gabriela_ramirez_5221 shared a tip "IT WAS SO SAD BUT BEAUTIFULLLLL"

Jesse Hernandez's profile image

jesse_hernandez_4337 shared a tip "So good"

rhiannon_nauseef shared a tip "Started with this find in my local library, and was hooked on the first sentence"

Eleanor Wells's profile image

eleanor_wells_4290 shared a tip "Really good for anyone with a mermaid heart (like me:D) The romance was also top notch. Love Keira Cass!"

viola kay's profile image

viola_kay shared a tip "I cried so much towards the end I legit thought it was happening to me. It’s small but it packs a punch"

warriorbliss 's profile image

warriorbliss shared a tip "I haven't read it in a while, but I do like the ending when "she" gets to stay with "him"."

jacynthe_gilbert shared a tip "The selection is amaaazing!!"

Miral Kamel's profile image

miral_kamel shared a tip "Such a great read for that forbidden love story... makes your heart drop before it lifts it back up"

Megan Speicher's profile image

megan_speicher shared a tip "As a bibliophile I read this in one sitting. Up way to late at night. I couldn’t put it down!"

Dawn 's profile image

dawn_8179 shared a tip "Definitely my favorite Siren book of all time"

emma_lynne_nicole shared a tip "This is one of those books that you read in one night and by the end it feels like you've listened to the perfect melody."

Emilee Vinisky's profile image

emilee_vinisky shared a tip "My heart has melted 😭 couldn’t put it down!"

I Love Food MSP's profile image

i_love_food_msp shared a tip "Reminds me of mako mermaids"

Gabby 's profile image

gabby_6499 shared a tip "This book is really good! I totally recommend it if you are looking for a fantasy book along with angst and some romance"

Brook Killough's profile image

brook_killough_2608 shared a tip "I loved this book. I read it twice because I love the author and I couldn’t get over the story line."

PinkyPey10 's profile image

pinkypey10 shared a tip "Romance, mermaids, and fantasy"

grace_barnhart shared a tip "My most favorite book written by Kiera Cass!"

Morgan Oliver's profile image

morgan_oliver_1947 shared a tip "It’s been a while since I’ve read this and to be honest I didn’t get to finish it but would love to give it a reread"

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