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The #1 International Bestseller & New York Times BestsellerThis beautiful, illuminating tale of hope and courage is based on interviews that were conducted with Holocaust survivor and Auschwitz-Birkenau tattooist Ludwig (Lale) Sokolov—an unforgettable love story in the midst of atrocity.“The Tattooi

Author Heather Morris

Pages 288

Publisher HarperCollins

Published Date 2018-09-04

ISBN 0062797166 9780062797162

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Kelsey Borg's profile image

kelseyb shared a tip "A story so beautiful that you can hardly believe it’s true, be prepared to feel all your emotions! I couldn’t put it down."

robyn_dixon_8645 shared a tip "I don’t think I could pinpoint a favorite. Once I picked it up, I didn’t put it down until I was done!"

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yash_desai shared a tip "A story that tells you love can grow against all the adversity."

Jessica Skeen's profile image

jessica_skeen shared a tip "It was one I couldn't put down."

Georgia Ely's profile image

georgia_ely shared a tip "Historical fiction and amazing plot twists"

Mary Borg's profile image

maryzb23 shared a tip "Amazing book about the abstrousities of the Holocaust and how one survives and helps others amidst the chaos!"

Cathy Menarchek's profile image

cathy_menarchek shared a tip "Excellent book! True story of Love and devotion."

Alexandra DiWilliams's profile image

alexandra_diwilliams shared a tip "Such a great story and really tugs at the heart strings."

Christine Mathė's profile image

christine_math shared a tip "Pretty historically accurate too. Easy very good read"

Savannah Wright's profile image

savannah_wright_4781 shared a tip "A must read for any WW2 enthusiasts. It definitely keeps you on your toes and has a great love story."

Kerri Aginsky Toledano's profile image

kerri_aginsky_toled shared a tip "The last kings of Shanghai"

Aly Star's profile image

aly_star shared a tip "Absolutely."

Amber Frahm's profile image

amber_frahm shared a tip "It was a compelling read!"

Wendy Rau's profile image

wendy_rau shared a tip "It is! Very good book 😊"

Elaine Barrington's profile image

elaine_barrington shared a tip "Awesome read!"

Kim Moody's profile image

kim_moody shared a tip "This is the only thing I havr read from this author."

Charlotte Bourgeois's profile image

charlotte_bourgeois shared a tip "Hi Amy, This is the only book I've read from this author. I did enjoy this book however."

Lynn Faircloth's profile image

lynn_faircloth shared a tip "This is a very eye opening book. It will tug at your heart, keep a tissue handy."

Lisa Maendel's profile image

lisa_maendel shared a tip "Schindler's Ark"

Lisa Maendel's profile image

lisa_maendel shared a tip "Schindler's Ark"

iris_katsaros shared a tip "This is such a great book. Well written. It is heartbreaking and you need a box of tissues but it’s good."

Faith Fardoun's profile image

faith_fardoun shared a tip "Thank you! And yes I have a favorite book. "The Harbinger" by Jonathan Cahn. He's written 6 books, I recommend them all"

Amber Spurgeon's profile image

amber_spurgeon shared a tip "I really enjoyed it all! And it also started me on a kick of reading all about ww2"

Lara Snyder's profile image

lara_snyder shared a tip "Depends on the genre, as I have lots of them :)"

Danielle Hasty's profile image

danielle_hasty shared a tip "Heart breakingly beautiful and sad at the same time I couldn't pit it down."

Ashlea Clayton's profile image

ashlea_clayton shared a tip "The German Midwife & The secret Messenger"

Callie Perez's profile image

callie_perez shared a tip "Such a page turner that I finished it in 2 days. The story moves very quickly and pulls at your heart strings."

Amanda Buis's profile image

amanda_buis shared a tip "100%"

carolyn_berthiaume shared a tip "A must read"

Jeanette Bosch's profile image

jeanette_bosch shared a tip "Really enjoying The Book of Lost Friends right now."

Abby k's profile image

abby_k_6718 shared a tip "It’s a great historical read for anyone who’s into the Holocaust"

amanda_6648 shared a tip "Great read- draws you in"

ines_stabler shared a tip "Cilka's Journey is a companion/sequel to this book. Prefer the Tattooist but enjoyed the follow up story of Cilka too."

michelle_young_3260 shared a tip "A very good book"

michelle_young_3260 shared a tip "When we were brave by Suzanne kel"

marionschellen shared a tip "Yes. Really enjoyed it."

Alyssa Mattingley's profile image

alyssa_mattingley shared a tip "4/5"

Rachel Kimberley's profile image

rachel_kimberley shared a tip "Yes! Different than the typical books I read, but easily one of my favourites!"

sharon_vaughan_4819 shared a tip "Great book! Another aspect of WWII that I was not familiar with."

Andi Vordermann's profile image

andi_vordermann shared a tip "Such a beautiful story"

maria sanchez's profile image

maria_sanchez_7957 shared a tip "Yes, definitely worth the read!"

gillian simmons's profile image

gillian_simmons shared a tip "Its been awhile so I don't remember his name.. but the evil doctor who was just satanical. He was my least favorite."

brandi_carson shared a tip "Great book"

Khelli Chancellor's profile image

khelli_chancellor shared a tip "One of my favorite reads of 2021!"

Brenda Hitchens's profile image

brenda_hitchens shared a tip "As of right now I don’t have a favorite book. Do you have a favorite book?"

kelly_via shared a tip "This is one of the most beautifully haunting books I've ever read. A must read. So powerful."

julie_morgan_4721 shared a tip "Really good book. Great story"

Exploring trails with Jenn's profile image

exploring_trails_with_jenn shared a tip "It’s a great book"

mary_klump shared a tip "Loved this..its from a prisoner point of view"

Roxy Jones's profile image

roxy_jones shared a tip "It is an extraordinary book from the prisons point of view and would definitely recommend"

shawnie_peck shared a tip "This for a true story is more beautiful then any ww2 book I’d ever read."

bev_7435 shared a tip "Very good. Especially audio version. I highly recommend"

patrick_keida shared a tip "This has been the only book I've read by the author"

Sandra Munsters's profile image

sandra_munsters shared a tip "Brutally honest."

kristin_moore_4251 shared a tip "Amazing. Quick read."

Nataly Judith Sanchez Solano's profile image

nataly_judith_sanch shared a tip "Everything"

Megan Lube's profile image

megan_lube shared a tip "Loved this book so much! Story is beautifully told."

Tyler Loeslein's profile image

tyler_loeslein shared a tip "#heartbreaking but #hopefull"

Ashley Pape's profile image

ashley_pape shared a tip "Definitely! I couldn’t put it down!"

mattheuren_aucoin shared a tip "Currently, I am also reading The Poisonwood Bible, and I’m really enjoying it. Have you heard of it?"

Jodi Miller's profile image

jodi_miller_7247 shared a tip "None right now, trying to find something great! What are you reading?"

katie_wilkinson shared a tip "One of my favorite books. I am not normally someone that leaves my fiction bubble but this book was worth it and more."

katie_wilkinson shared a tip "This book felt so rich and full of depth. It was amazing to learn it is a true story."

Edith Aubertin's profile image

edith_aubertin shared a tip "This is a great book soo well written and made me cried"

Chad M McGrath's profile image

chad_m_mcgrath shared a tip "This was a "read in 24 hours book"."

lesley_de_la_salle shared a tip "I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it is a difficult read based on the subject but interesting all the same."

sherry_garland shared a tip "👍 because I knew about Cilka’s story"

terry__9186 shared a tip "Great book"

Renee lambert's profile image

renee_lambert shared a tip "I have not 😑 do you recomend anything?"

sally_slezewski shared a tip "A true love story"

jennifer_loder shared a tip "I enjoyed it, yes. It offers a different perspective. Interesting."

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madi_2207 shared a tip "A good historical book about the Holocaust! I'm really enjoying this book so far!"

Becky Krout's profile image

becky_krout shared a tip "It showed what true love living in a hell on earth"

monica_141 shared a tip "so far so good. Make sure you read the second park ....the journey of Cilka"

Keltee Thompson's profile image

keltee_thompson shared a tip "Yes I read it very fast, I loved it!"

Mykenzie Arcaro's profile image

Vebeiznek shared a tip "Powerful read"

Lisa de Leon's profile image

lisa_de_leon_5979 shared a tip "This was sooooooo good! So sad but riveting!"

amy_b_1780 shared a tip "The most profound, heart throbbing, and thought provoking book I have ever read. I cannot recommend it enough."

Brittany Dunseith's profile image

brittany_dunseith shared a tip "Such a moving story"

brian_9084 shared a tip "Fantastic gripping page turner. Unreal what these people went through, it almost makes it a tough read. But worth it."

rhea_lewandoski shared a tip "Short read."

Amanda Handy's profile image

amanda_handy_9114 shared a tip "Also Lilac Girls is set in a similar time. Also good. Can't remember the author name."

todd_erdman shared a tip "Too many to mention! Love books!"

Kathy Balamaci's profile image

kathy_balamaci shared a tip "I liked Beneath a Scarlet Sky and The Tears of Dark Water."

Margarita Angelini's profile image

margarita_angelini shared a tip "Absolutely... bring tissues for the ride! #tearjerker"

holly_keeling shared a tip "Absolutely wonderful. I recommend this book to everyone."

Brooke B. Wallace's profile image

brooke_b._wallace shared a tip "Amazing story. I loved it."

Kaitlyn Bote's profile image

kaitlyn_bote shared a tip "Yes"

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