A young bride must bid her husband goodbye shortly after their wedding. He sets off to fight the Germans in WW1. She must keep their homestead and champagne business going in his absence.

The Champagne War imageThe Champagne War image

The Champagne War

Books | Fiona McIntosh

A young woman learns to be a diver for the war effort during World War 2.

Manhattan Beach imageManhattan Beach image

Manhattan Beach

Books | Jennifer Egan

I didn’t love this book like I loved his other book, Peace like a River.

So Brave, Young, and Handsome imageSo Brave, Young, and Handsome image

So Brave, Young, and Handsome

Books | Leif Enger

I loved this book!!! A story about a young jewess who finds her talent as a forger in the French Resistance. She saves hundreds of children escape to Switzerland during the German occupation of her beloved homeland.

The Book of Lost Names imageThe Book of Lost Names image

The Book of Lost Names

Books | Kristin Harmel

I loved this book. A painting of a young woman that was lost (or stolen) during WWI France. The mystery unfolds as the tales of two young women are told….

The Girl You Left Behind imageThe Girl You Left Behind image

The Girl You Left Behind

Books | Jojo Moyes

A young woman helps Jewish refugees survive their escape from the Nazis by hiding deep within the forest.

The Forest of Vanishing Stars imageThe Forest of Vanishing Stars image

The Forest of Vanishing Stars

Books | Kristin Harmel

An historical fiction about the true (female) genius behind the discovery of DNA.

Her Hidden Genius imageHer Hidden Genius image

Her Hidden Genius

Books | Marie Benedict

I loved this book. It’s so nice to hear a story about a normal, functional and loving family that found success in Hollywood.

The Boys imageThe Boys image

The Boys

Books | Ron Howard

A socially awkward biologist and an unusually friendly fox…. This is a delightful story for anyone who loves natural history and the mountains in the Western US.

Fox and I imageFox and I image

Fox and I

Books | Catherine Raven

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