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An interesting historical fiction about the secret Nazi program to breed Aryan children. The story weaves together the lives of three women from three different perspectives.

Cradles of the Reich imageCradles of the Reich image

Cradles of the Reich

Books | Jennifer Coburn

Another home run for Mary Kubica! I love how she masterfully tells this tale of murder and betrayal. She had me at the first page…I listened to it all in one day!! I couldn’t put it down. Well done.

Just the Nicest Couple imageJust the Nicest Couple image

Just the Nicest Couple

Books | Mary Kubica

My inner bitch enjoyed this wickedly good tale of diabolical revenge!

The Last Mrs. Parrish imageThe Last Mrs. Parrish image

The Last Mrs. Parrish

Books | Liv Constantine

Set in the near future, an ornithologist by hobby attempts to follow near-extinct Arctic terns as they migrate to Antarctica. This one jumps around a lot. I listened to it instead of reading it; maybe I should go back and read it. The writing is beautiful, but I was continually confused…

Migrations imageMigrations image


Books | Charlotte McConaghy

I loved this book! A meandering tale of a psychotherapist’s journey to unlock a troubled patient’s silence….and a jaw dropping ending!!! Never saw that one coming.

The Silent Patient imageThe Silent Patient image

The Silent Patient

Books | Alex Michaelides

I loved this book!!! You have to really pay attention to try to solve the mystery yourself…I like that in a book. A young woman receives a letter that she is heir to an English estate after her grandmother dies…but that’s not her grandmother…or is it???

The Death of Mrs. Westaway imageThe Death of Mrs. Westaway image

The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Books | Ruth Ware

Another good story by this author. A little dark, a little sad; but the characters are believable. A young girl is the sole survivor of a horrific home invasion crime that killed her mother and two sisters. Her older brother was convicted of the heinous crime. As a young adult she is now ready to seek the truth….

Dark Places imageDark Places image

Dark Places

Books | Gillian Flynn

Youza! What a story! Loved the movie, but the book is better. A disenchanted wife decides to teach her husband a lesson…. This is a dark one.

Gone Girl imageGone Girl image

Gone Girl

Books | Best Sellers Edition

An interesting story about a group of biologists who work to reintroduce wolves to the Scottish Highlands, much to the consternation of the sheep herders.

Once There Were Wolves imageOnce There Were Wolves image

Once There Were Wolves

Books | Charlotte McConaghy

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