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Diane Morello



Three novellas in and around law offices, law enforcement and prison. Well done. Experience enhanced on audiobook with three exceptional narrators: Jeff Daniels, Ethan Hawke and January LaVoy. Ethan Hawke’s novella was especially moving

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Sparring Partners

Books | John Grisham

Olga has verve, candor and drive, one of the best characters I’ve seen on the page in several years. A Brooklyn girl with a rich Puerto Rican heritage, she and her brother grow up taking care of each other after mom abandons them and dad dies. Olga at age 40 is a successful woman who lives life with gusto and who seeks love. Olga shines brightly in this novel, and I rooted for her from page 1. Olga Dies Dreaming is the 2022 selection for Greenwich (CT) Reads Together.

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Olga Dies Dreaming

Books | Xochitl Gonzalez

Intriguing concept, but had more room to play. Lonely people find one another after they each write their authentic truths in a composition book. The book gets passed along to new people, who write their authentic truths, and it keeps moving around, collecting new people. Some richly drawn characters, especially Monica.

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The Authenticity Project

Books | Clare Pooley

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