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While in Paris on business, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon receives an urgent late-night phone call: the elderly curator of the Louvre has been murdered inside the museum. Near the body, police have found a baffling cipher. While working to solve the enigmatic riddle, Langdon is stunned to disco

Author Dan Brown

Pages 739

Publisher Random House Large Print

Published Date 2006-03

ISBN 0739326740 9780739326749

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Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "Very interesting read!"

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marsh_6055 shared a tip "The blandest ciscentric art conspiracy thriller ever."

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kathleen_caste shared a tip "A fun read and lots of puzzles to solve"

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eric_gwinn shared a tip "A great book, read it before it became so famous, thought angels and demons was the best of Dan browns work though."

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hannah_wylie_3770 shared a tip "I love intricate riddles and history pieces and this was so cool."

paige_226 shared a tip "Loved all the codes and detailed descriptions"

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debi_jordan shared a tip "Hope you enjoy I found it fascinating 🙂"

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anita_tang_5063 shared a tip "Definitely a classic!"

justin_7577 shared a tip "It’s been so long since I read it so I can’t remember a part that stood out"

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jacquie_petruic shared a tip "Pug Actually. My friend lent it to me."

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anna_beatrice shared a tip "James Rollins is great and his book’s are similar to Brown’s:)"

tanya_paquet_8113 shared a tip "Great suspense! Reads easily and fast."

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brooklynn_ shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve read very suspenseful!!"

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artsydoll_-_kelly_parker shared a tip " pictures!"

laura_ellis_2608 shared a tip "Robert Jordan"

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julie_b_5706 shared a tip "Read into the wee hours to finish in one sitting. One of my all-time faves."

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joyce_anne_smith-ev shared a tip "Not one that stuck out the book was good though"

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cindi_miller_3488 shared a tip "If you liked this you should read Dan Brown’s Deception Point. It will keep you on the edge of your seat!!"

jodi_ashley_5145 shared a tip "I just finished Diablo Mesa by Preston and Childs. 👍Now I'm rereading Necronomicon by Lovecraft"

sharon_clifford shared a tip "The Plot"

ashley_ziegenbein shared a tip "It’s been years since I read it but on a broad spectrum I loved all the history. Inferno is a great sequel to it as well."

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michelle_vasquez_1230 shared a tip "Really enjoyed the storyline, kept me engaged"

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taranjit_singh shared a tip "Yeah I have seen the movie, but would prefer the book..."

aalekhya vasantavada's profile image

aalekhya_vasantavada shared a tip "Nahh! Have you?"

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skrillet shared a tip "It is a book that was hard for me to put down"

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jenn_logan shared a tip "At the moment I am between books. Been very busy lately, sorry I can't help."

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alexandra_fisher shared a tip "Was excited to read this book cover to cover. Finished in two days."

brenda_7597 shared a tip "The entire series is amazing."

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shannon_kingsley shared a tip "All of his books with Robert Langdon are amazing! Highly recommend"

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that__asaingirl shared a tip "honestly my favorite book would be the pendragon book series, but I also equally like the immortal nicholas flamel series!"

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edna_lee shared a tip "I enjoyed the entire book. I read it about 2 or 3 years ago."

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sarah_tkiouat shared a tip "I highly recommend it"

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sarah_wildey shared a tip "I like other Dan Brown books. Can't say that I've read any similar books"

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marie_lise shared a tip "Better than the movie! Worth reading. Excellent thriller."

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woodstock_williams shared a tip "Not a great writer, but still an exciting read."

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michiebell shared a tip "I've only read two of his books, he is good"

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ceemac1806 shared a tip "Such a good read. You don’t want to put it down."

phillip_gabler shared a tip "Compelling."

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stephanie_henderson_9696 shared a tip "So worth reading and also his Angel's & Demons one as well."

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ann_walkden shared a tip "Great book, great series"

pamela_3344 shared a tip "His books are so grasping. Have all in hard copy with pictures. Wicked read."

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misha_frazor shared a tip "Have read it a couple times! Great introduction to Dan Brown and all of his books!"

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leta_grieves shared a tip "yes saw it and Angels and Demons together.🙂"

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angelo_riccio shared a tip "Excellent book throughout"

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riley_gibson shared a tip "Yes! I have read all of the books with Robert Langdon as the main character"

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eric_lucero shared a tip "Love Love, Love ❤️"

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nick_levesque shared a tip "Sure have it's great"

peggy_kleber shared a tip "I always like the book better."

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christine_klingbeil shared a tip "I haven't!"

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yamssa_dave shared a tip "I have seen the Netflix series about the Da vinci"

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samira_shamsir shared a tip "Nope"

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lindsay_hubbard shared a tip "I would say Angels and Demons. I read that recently and really enjoyed it"

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geraldine_terc shared a tip "Fun and thrilling story tgat helps you learn about art."

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laurie_pietz_235 shared a tip "read this to see what all the hype was about and could not put it down"

Kathryn Sawyer's profile image

kathryn_sawyer shared a tip "Such a page turner!"

jennifer_smith_8425 shared a tip "All of these books are good. The last one in the series felt a little forced, maybe repeated, to me. But I enjoyed them all."

AliceInWonderland 's profile image

aliceinwonderland shared a tip "All of the main characters played their role very good. Tom Hanks. Who is your favorite?"

liz_wortham shared a tip "The Huntress, by Kate Quinn! Reading now and it's excellent!"

Michelle Flores's profile image

michelle_flores_4040 shared a tip "The Arc of Scythe series by Neal Shusterman! YA but the story is amazing ☺️"

amanda_kulani shared a tip "Love this book"

danni_4585 shared a tip "I read this when it came out years ago. I couldn’t put it down."

debbe__stephens_ shared a tip "Love anything he does..always gives you something to think about."

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eric_lindner shared a tip "A joke and poorly researched. But it is fiction..."

emma_4381 shared a tip "This is a great book! Got me into reading!"

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kim_burke_3019 shared a tip "I preferred the book to the movie."

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adam_ritter shared a tip "Yes! I enjoyed it very much but I liked Angels and Demons better."

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anna_romero_171 shared a tip "Yes very much!"

eric_john_large shared a tip "Plausible."

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rj_martin shared a tip "My favorite by him is probably Deception Point."

amanda_hopson shared a tip "If you love all things art and archictecture intwined within a mystery then Dan Brown is the author for you!!"

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shelly_peterson_8451 shared a tip "The whole thing! Lol. I loved the solving of all the clues as well as all the cool locations"

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ramona_nedeva shared a tip "Amazing book. Learning things you never thought about"

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soma_azul shared a tip "Makes you think"

sarah_flynn_8406 shared a tip "The book was great! Even more in depth than the movie."

Sharon Sandrich's profile image

sharon_sandrich shared a tip "Being Catholic and told that I couldn't read it, meant I had to read it. Very interesting read. I learned many things."

Melissa Burila's profile image

melissa_burila shared a tip "Great fast read"

kristy_harper shared a tip "Loved this book!!"

jeanna_6679 shared a tip "Suspenseful and well written"

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scarlet_7644 shared a tip "Silent Patient, Break the Bodies Haunt the Bones, Ready Player One, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn."

kevin_mc_cabe shared a tip "Elia it is one a series. Hope you like it"

Martha Welsh's profile image

martha_welsh shared a tip "I so enjoyed this book. It's a great read on a trip!"

althea_phillips shared a tip "I’m reading Where did you go Bernadette. Good easy read."

Sandra Dowling's profile image

sandra_dowling shared a tip "I’ve been getting back into Dean Koontz."

Emily Berry's profile image

berrysama shared a tip "I think so, there are differences between the movie and book and I like some of the plot points better in the book"

sarah walsh's profile image

geeker shared a tip "I would say its worth it. Its a good mystery and very well written"

Tiana Kirkland's profile image

tiana_kirkland shared a tip "Not at the moment, how about you? I'm always looking for recommendations"

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jonas_lamb shared a tip "I am reading The Stand, on top of my light novels. But one that I love in mystery is Lincoln & Child's Relic."

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uli_pryse shared a tip "Loved it!!! Favorite show GOT!👍"

Suzanne Hensley's profile image

suzanne_hensley shared a tip "I enjoyed reading it. I recently got into the bridgerton serious books. What books are you into now?"

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paul_thacker shared a tip "Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand is my all time favorite"

Jocelyn Taylor's profile image

jocelyn_taylor_9298 shared a tip "Overall great read. Read in high school and still remember things about the book"

kate_horwitz shared a tip "The Silent Patient"

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ron_776 shared a tip "As usual, a book that's much better than the movie."

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mountain_gal13 shared a tip "It's a great start into the thriller genre and it's very on the edge of your seat."