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I’m fussy but try to be thorough. some 18+ stuff on my lists so be aware.


Slow, tense, well shot, and deeply sad. Far superior to the awful American ‘Curse of La Llorona’. Rape is discussed (along with some victimblaming), but does not actually appear on screen, thank god. Other atrocities are hinted at but mostly not directly shown. If you’re patient with slower, subtle films, it’s well worth the watch.

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La Llorona


Oh wow, I loved this short so much. You’re always an amalgamation of different ages and experiences- emotional, self-conscious, vulnerable, optimistic, uncomfortable with being perceived as a sexual object and also craving attention and sexual validation. One day I hope Gia will be in her thirties, still having to ground her anxious twenty-something inside herself. And I loved how it pointed out that everyone is always dealing with these feelings, impulses, and actions all the time. 💃🏾

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Twenty Something

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