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I’m fussy but try to be thorough. some 18+ stuff on my lists so be aware.


🤘😍🏳️‍⚧️ the west coast trans movement in San Fransisco! God I loved Susan Stryker for unearthing this piece of history. Also ACAB. The one cop who even tried helping lost his police job to corrupt police interference. I was incredibly suspicious of him, but he’s alright in a privileged-white-guy-putting-in-the-effort-of-educating-himself kind of way. Dr Benjamin was a revelation! Between him and the Stanford program, it explains why San Francisco has such strong transgender surgical options.

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Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria

Movies | Documentary

cute and fluffy (i would say fun, but its so comforting i cant think of a better word than 'fluffy') hard-ish sci-fi. you can tell scalzi had a great time writing this, and he says as much in a heartfelt authors note at the ending. some very normalized trans rep!

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The Kaiju Preservation Society

Books | John Scalzi

Adorable, nuanced, #ownvoices middle grade gay fiction that very much speaks to the time it was published. I appreciate how Joe accepts his own youth and takes deep joy in his own life surprises. As obsessed as he is with marriages, nobody should marry themselves off at 13 for the rest of their lives.

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Totally Joe

Books | James Howe

A very good and diverse introduction to queer history!

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Queer As All Get Out

Books | Shelby Criswell

a short documentary (only a little over an hour) about the leatherdyke scene of the 90s. it's pretty good, and excellent archival data on queer people no longer with us in an underrepresented community. i dont agree with all of their politics (patrick califia's stance on minors in particular, thankfully not spoken on any of his interviews) but it's kind of wonderful to see a montage of queer folks (FROM THE 90s!!!) saying how they identify and one saying 'i identify as a f*g**t', an identity i have seen used by teens of today. One even parroted something i used to say before i got a better handle on my identity: 'i'm not a lesbian, i'm a d*ke'. Color me UNSURPRISED that two of the people interviewed would later come out as trans men. And i'm very happy to see a trans lesbian and a black woman interviewed too! their perspective on power dynamics was even more valuable, in my opinion.

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