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Anna Sewell
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Black Beauty is a bestselling novel about a horse and the story of his life in England. A must read for anyone that loves animals in any form, shape and size!Black Beauty, written in 1887 by English author Anna Sewell, has become one of the bestselling novels of all time. Anna, who became an invalid after a childhood accident, was confined to her home and could only get around with clutches and horse drawn carriages. She composed this book towards the end of her life, and her priceless experiences around horses played a huge role in creating this masterpiece.The novel is a self narrated story memoir by a horse called Black Beauty. It tells the story of his life, from birth as a foal in an English farm, to his days in London, pulling taxi cabs and eventually his retirement in the country side. It tells the story of kindness, cruelty and hardships endured by Black beauty in his life.Anna Sewell's style of writing draws you in. The story is very realistic; down to the last detail. Since it was published, it has had a huge influence on society, especially in the well-being of horses.
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Anna Sewell
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