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Spirit of the Fae

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Linsey Hall
I am the true Unseelie Queen. And it will kill me. I have a knack for getting myself into some bad situations. What can I say--I like to live dangerously. But waking up partially dead in the Court of Death takes the cake. It's small consolation that my fated mate Tarron is at my side, since it means that he's mostly dead too. Worse, I might love him but don't know if he feels the same. To make matters worse, the false queen who plans to destroy both our kingdoms is still alive and regaining her strength. We must work together to return from the dead and stop her from killing thousands-including my sister. Escaping the Court of Death means completing a series of dangerous challenges. When we learn that only one of us can return to earth, true escape becomes impossible. Spirit of the Fae is the thriling continuation of the hit new series The Dark Fae.
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Linsey Hall
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