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The "brilliant, funny, meaningful novel" (The New Yorker) that established J. D. Salinger as a leading voice in American literature--and that has instilled in millions of readers around the world a lifelong love of books."If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to k

Author J. D. Salinger

Pages 288

Publisher Little, Brown

Published Date 2019-08-13

ISBN 0316460001 9780316460002

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Lexy Writes's profile image

lexy_writes shared a tip "I didn't finish this book but that doesn't mean someone won't like it"

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explodingtardis10 shared a tip "Holden Caulfield was my first boyfriend."

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appletun_is_hecking shared a tip "My favorite book is Black beauty! It is one I can just keep going back to even though I've read it over, and over again!"

Shonna Hill's profile image

shonna_hill shared a tip "archetypal. likeable character. everyday life."

Evelyn Schlacht's profile image

evelyn_schlacht shared a tip "Holden Caulfield is, for lack of a better term, a *****. That’s it. That’s my warning."

Abby Cortez's profile image

abby_cortez shared a tip "Classic book, very funny and Holden Caulfield's perspective in life is very interesting."

mia_6659 shared a tip "terribly boring HOWEVER the overall message of the book is incredible"

Gabs 's profile image

gabs_9856 shared a tip "Timeless classic"

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Ragazzo_Lupo_Italiano shared a tip "Don't read it all at once, it's meant to be savoured."

Karlie Shea Kennon's profile image

karlie_shea_kennon shared a tip "Also one I would not recommend."

Jennifer 's profile image

jennifer_3590 shared a tip "Yes! It’s amazing!"

Jada Nagberi's profile image

jadanagberi shared a tip "one of the classics i actually liked??"

Jill Downs's profile image

jill_downs shared a tip "Worth it! It's been a long time since I've read it but it was good"

Lil-Farrah 's profile image

lil-farrah shared a tip "7/10"

Khamila Clark's profile image

khamila_clark shared a tip "This is, by far, one of my favorite books. I can read it over and over and not get bored of it."

galexia 's profile image

amortentia shared a tip "amusing while also intense"

Refilwe Carroll's profile image

refilwe_carroll shared a tip "@megan_stone I haven’t read any of his other books but I do love the way he wrote this book."

robert_r_robinson shared a tip "Painful but necessary read to understand how this has affected readers."

Brita Luke's profile image

brita_luke shared a tip "Honestly the beginning part where he goes to visit Mr. Spencer and discuss life what is yours?"

laylah morin's profile image

laylah_morin shared a tip "It was ok"

Erika Gehrling's profile image

erika_gehrling shared a tip "LOVED the complexity of Holden Caulfield"

Natasha Brown's profile image

ving shared a tip "**** me up"

Andyy with two y’s's profile image

andyy shared a tip "It was kinda slow but I enjoyed it I’ll give it an 7/10"

richard_j_3222 shared a tip "Great Book, could be difficult to understand but it’s a great book when you get to it’s meaning."

Marissa Knieper's profile image

marissa_knieper shared a tip "A good classic"

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