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The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholarship, thoughtful design, and pages of carefully crafted extras. Here are some of the remarkable fe

Author Oscar Wilde

Pages 248

Publisher Barnes & Noble Classics

Published Date 2003

ISBN 1593080255 9781593080259

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Danielle Henry's profile image

danielle_henry_6987 shared a tip "I am. I picked it for this month’s read!"

Christian Bell's profile image

christian_bell shared a tip "My favorite novel of all time. Goth horror at its finest."

Erika Lynne's profile image

erika_lynne shared a tip "March read"

Erika Lynne's profile image

erika_lynne shared a tip "March read"

Morgan Roy's profile image

morgan_roy shared a tip "My favorite novel ever."

Errika Mason's profile image

errika_mason shared a tip "This is a book about a seemingly normal man who uses his Society friends and Title in the worst possible way."

Shelby Francis's profile image

shelby_francis_7000 shared a tip "I do love this book! So if you have any other with this kind of vibe let me know"

shaan_7347 shared a tip "Dune"

lethea_garrett shared a tip "Amazing read"

Natalie Hartigan's profile image

natalie_hartigan shared a tip "holy **** this book is so gay and sexy oscar wilde knew what he was doing, what a legend. basil deserved better tho"

Amber Ortiz-Eberlein's profile image

amber_ortiz-eberlein shared a tip "I didn’t appreciate the book til after I completed it. Reflecting on it made me realize I enjoyed the book"

Fdgh g r's profile image

jjghjjvv shared a tip "Also a book about Oscar Wilde by Thomas Wright called "Built of Books: How Reading Shaped The Life of Oscar Wilde"."

Aras Enayati's profile image

aras_enayati_6494 shared a tip "stunning."

Mitchell Demers's profile image

mitchell_demers shared a tip "It felt like a supernatural Great Gatsby that offers a lot of ponderous thoughts along the way."

Nancy Houle's profile image

nancy_houle shared a tip "Haven't really read much by Wilde..."

lyrabadeera shared a tip "beautiful imagery and description although there were some boring parts in the middle i really enjoyed it!"

JustPeachy127 's profile image

yayaya_imma shared a tip "Creepy and deep. Not a light read"

Anna Waits's profile image

anna_waits shared a tip "Its dark but good 😊"

Hannah Peacock's profile image

hannahisreadingsomething shared a tip "4/5"

Dorian Klemensine's profile image

dorian_klemensine shared a tip "Adore this book! Legally change my name because of it!"

Jaden Pierre's profile image

jaden_pierre shared a tip "It was mentally engaging and had a truly interesting plot"

Tracy Chzasz's profile image

tracy_chzasz shared a tip "Great read."

M Battles's profile image

m_battles shared a tip "I liked the moral of the story."

Nina Kravets's profile image

nina_kravets shared a tip "A super cool book. Definitely should be read!!!!"

M. Curtis's profile image

m._curtis shared a tip "I would love to be in charge of casting."

Hamza Qureshi's profile image

hamza_qureshi_5134 shared a tip "Witty and pleasureful"

Phoebe Friedman's profile image

phoebe_friedman shared a tip "So beautifully written and captures my heart"

gloria_valle shared a tip "The best classic in my opinion, beautiful writing."

Shelly R Ladouceur's profile image

shelly_r_ladouceur shared a tip "Read this as a kid, love it more as an adult"

Nic 's profile image

NicRaeMae shared a tip "One of my favorite classics"

Kai Marks's profile image

kai_marks shared a tip "Tehe"

Markus Meyer's profile image

markus_meyer shared a tip "A poisonous book… not for the easily influenced"

Caden Green's profile image

caden_green shared a tip "Yw!"

Audrey R's profile image

audrey_r_2910 shared a tip "Dark and thought provoking"

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