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Ray Bradbury's internationally acclaimed novel Fahrenheit 451 is a masterwork of twentieth-century literature set in a bleak, dystopian future. Guy Montag is a fireman. In his world, where television rules and literature is on the brink of extinction, firemen start fires rather than put them out. Hi

Author Ray Bradbury

Pages 249

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2012-01-10

ISBN 1451673264 9781451673265

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Avery D's profile image

avery_d shared a tip "Imaginative reading with a very human story amid a dystopian landscape."

Stacita C's profile image

stacita_c shared a tip "Same!! :-)"

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amanda_blacksmith shared a tip "This should take you around 3 hours and 43 minutes to read at 200 words per minute."

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anna_howard_5947 shared a tip "Such a relevant book today!"

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amanda_robinson_89 shared a tip "It is a great disptopian book! It was my favorite book for a very long time."

mary 's profile image

darkseas shared a tip "One of the best dystopian books out there!"

Hannah Blue's profile image

hanxo shared a tip "A Classic must read. Reminds you of the value of reading and information."

LAUREL GRUCHOW's profile image

laurel_gruchow shared a tip "Read the original in the 70s RAY BRADBURY IS ONE REASON I LOVE SCIENCE FICTION Great story 💜"

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deleted_user_1620743535537 shared a tip "Good plot, and I must say, much better than the movie!"

Michael Leukert's profile image

michael_leukert shared a tip "I read this in high school literature. Definitely gets the wheels turning."

charlie_nalls shared a tip "I’m actually actively reading it currently"

Wallace Craig's profile image

wallace_craig shared a tip "This book was what really for me into dystopian literature. ❤️"

kelly_frydenger shared a tip "Yea!"

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joey_reynoso shared a tip "YAS"

Maddie Walker's profile image

maddie_walker shared a tip "Actually really interesting. Kind of a slow read but it is worth if. (Id definetly smuggle books)"

travis_9555 shared a tip "It's been awhile since I read it. I know I enjoyed the entire book, I need to go back and reread it!"

Matty Powell's profile image

mattypowell shared a tip "One of my favorites! I have the man in fire tattooed on my arm 👀"

Sara Rodriguez's profile image

sara_rodriguez_3230 shared a tip "If you like dystopian books, I would read this"

Amy Doo's profile image

ammy-doo shared a tip "Your welcome hun💕"

Sariah Fox's profile image

sariah_fox shared a tip "Super thought provoking"

David Wright's profile image

david_wright_9196 shared a tip "Hard choice, between I Claudius or A Prayer for Owen Meany"

Hannah McNeely's profile image

hannah_mcneely shared a tip "Last years favorite was Ninth House from Leigh Bardugo. I read an obscene number of books so it's a feat to be memorable."

Stephanie Kirkman's profile image

stephaniekirkman shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite books of all time!"

Corvus Corax's profile image

corvus_corax shared a tip "Loved the book, 9/10 only because it ended to quickly for me. Definitely worth the read."

Lil-Farrah 's profile image

lil-farrah shared a tip "8/10"

Robyn Fiorito's profile image

robyn_fiorito shared a tip "I haven’t read it in so long that I can’t recall what my favorite part would be, but this question makes me want to reread it!"

Michael 's profile image

mikewazowski shared a tip "Read it in high school, but I really loved the story and have reread it again recently."

Jaime Woolstencroft's profile image

jaime_woolstencroft shared a tip "It's been a favorite of mine for years!"

Linda Ritchie's profile image

linda_ritchie shared a tip "AWESOME reading!!!!!!"

alfredo vazquez's profile image

alfredo_vazquez shared a tip "A great book!!"

joe_molinaro shared a tip "I did. You?"

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eli_smith_476 shared a tip "The pun is real."

James Walls's profile image

james_walls shared a tip "Great book about censorship."

Emma Whitten's profile image

emma_is_somethin shared a tip "It was a well written book."

Sarah Friedman's profile image

sarah_friedman_7209 shared a tip "This one will always be a classic but honestly there are better books out there"

galexia 's profile image

amortentia shared a tip "a true insight on the likeliness of a highly-controlled society in the near future."

joyful for jesus's profile image

MekelleBrown shared a tip "One of my favorite books from middle school. It challenges and brings in readers  of all ages. "

Michael Cramer's profile image

michael_cramer_3132 shared a tip "Great storytelling and beautiful character plight."

Bridget Gray's profile image

Caffeine.and.Paper shared a tip "“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”"

Laura Lynn's profile image

laura_lynn_9467 shared a tip "This book is intense"

Salvatore Troia's profile image

salvatore_troia shared a tip "A perfect book to start a journey of self awareness in today's social climate"

Eva E. Gross's profile image

eva_e._gross shared a tip "Yes"

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brandishindig shared a tip "Genuinely one of my favorite works of literature"

Evgeny Rahman's profile image

evgeny_rahman shared a tip "Everyone should read this at least once. It is about what culture means to humanity"

Kaydra dawn's profile image

kaydra_dawn shared a tip "Love love love"

beth_b_2410 shared a tip "What about you?"

Ryan Fauvel's profile image

ryan_fauvel shared a tip "Fantastic read for those interested in post apocalyptic future utopias honestly reminds me somewhat of 1987"

jule shared a tip "It’s so good!! The first book I ever read for a high school class and absolutely worth it."

Elena Cole's profile image

elena_cole shared a tip "Classic"

arti_patel_5222 shared a tip "I had to read this book for school in 11th grade and by far it is my favorite book that I’ve had to read for school."

Taylor Roth's profile image

taylor_roth_3099 shared a tip "Read this during my sophomore year in high school and even though I enjoyed reading this book, I would never want to live in it."

Anastacia Lopez's profile image

anastacia_lopez shared a tip "Its awsome"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1609643168227 shared a tip "Absolutely divine"

Lee Roddick-Brown's profile image

lee_roddick-brown shared a tip "Always a favorite! Must read!"

Sofia Sanchez's profile image

sofia_sanchez_3572 shared a tip "It was a mix of emotions gambling about the future and what it holds"

Sarahbeth Moore's profile image

sarahbeth_moore shared a tip "Even better on as an audiobook"

Natalie Dulaney's profile image

natalie_dulaney shared a tip "My reaction was core shaking. I really liked that it made me see things differently."

jeremiah_stanley shared a tip "I haven’t read a lot of his stuff but Fahrenheit 451 is one of my all-time favorites."

Elizabeth Hurtado's profile image

elizabeth_hurtado shared a tip "Sad dystopian book"

daniel_herrera_8134 shared a tip "A high school read. A lot of parallels into our actual world."

Lany Sins's profile image

lany_sins shared a tip "Will forever be my favorite book. Shows a very close future I believe one day we’ll live in."

Scott K's profile image

scott_k_9618 shared a tip "Has been a favorite for years and feels much like a future we nearly stepped into."

Brandi McKenney's profile image

brandi_mckenney shared a tip "Best book to read if you need some perspective"

Sidney Wilhelm-Lester's profile image

CrochetFreak shared a tip "Amazing and scary to see how easily it could become true."

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dawn_brazier shared a tip "Must read!"

Karen Leach's profile image

karen_leach_3215 shared a tip "So spot on for today it’s frightening"

ford_flowers shared a tip "Genuinely good dystopian."

Deborah Core's profile image

deborah_core shared a tip "Love it. I highly recommend it."

Brandon Martin's profile image

brandon_martin_9309 shared a tip "Great book with scary parallels to today’s world"

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tiffany_farmer shared a tip "So sad! Dystopian."

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