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Jackie Davidson



So. Once you’ve read the first two, this is a must-read to get to resolution. Somewhat predictable, but it moves [most] of the characters past their current dilemmas. And still set in paradise, even if that does involve (spoiler alert) rough weather.

Troubles in Paradise imageTroubles in Paradise image

Troubles in Paradise

Books | Elin Hilderbrand

Jumped right into this, the second in a trilogy: mystery, intrigue, and romance in an idyllic tropical setting.

What Happens in Paradise imageWhat Happens in Paradise image

What Happens in Paradise

Books | Elin Hilderbrand

This was just the kind of book I needed right now. Practically a travel advertisement for St John and the Virgin Islands, it has a perfect mix of mystery, romance, complicated family and love relationships in this gorgeous tropical setting. This is the first in a trilogy, so starting on the second one now!

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Winter in Paradise

Books | Elin Hilderbrand

Self-described as non-fiction, this is a story of some of the colorful and quirky Savannahians and their adventures and misadventures in the city they call home.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil imageMidnight in the Garden of Good and Evil image

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Books | John Berendt

A sprawling epic about the Rhodes family in California set during WW2 - water rights, internment camps, Pearl Harbor, duty to country, the love language of food, the importance of family (those your born to and those you choose) - this story is set apart by exceptional writing. The author “…prefers to pass her time patching together the crazy quilt of a colorful sentence,” which made this book fly by!

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Properties of Thirst

Books | Marianne Wiggins

Families can be complicated, starting with Mom the hoarder in this story. So much fallout and heartache in the course of the families’ intertwined (so intertwined!) relationships. Really good read. (Actually, good listen! I did the audio book and the reader was excellent, bouncing between English, Irish and Australian accents seamlessly.)

The House We Grew Up In imageThe House We Grew Up In image

The House We Grew Up In

Books | Lisa Jewell

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