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Ugly Me

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J. E. Stamper
She yells. She curses. She fights. Her classmates say she's difficult. Her teacher's say she's the student from HELL...Randi Lewis isn't your typical seventh-grader. She's a damaged girl with a secret life who just wants to be a normal, happy teenager. And on her first day of seventh grade, she vows to make this the year she turns it all around.This will be the year that she'll finally let go of her pain and her anger and be happy again. All she has to do is ignore all the mean looks, pointed whispers, trash talk, and name-calling--from kids and adults alike.It's not going to be easy...but she has to try.Otherwise, the ugly side of herself she keeps locked away will force its way out. And if that happens, she may never recover...Written by an experienced public school educator, this book is a raw, touching look at life through the eyes of one of our nation's many traumatized, suffering children. It's a must-read for anyone who lives with, works with, or cares for today's kids.Get it today, and help make the world a better place for children like Randi...
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J. E. Stamper
Independently Published
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1095832514 9781095832516
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