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Tahereh Mafi's New York Times bestselling Shatter Me series is perfect for fans who crave action-packed young adult novels like Veronica Roth’s Divergent, Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games, and Marie Lu’s Legend.No one knows why Juliette's touch is fatal, but The Reestablishment has plans for her.

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Author Tahereh Mafi

Pages 1327

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2014-07-08

ISBN 006237270X 9780062372703


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kaylee_thomas_5788 shared a tip "Amazing. Arron Warner 🔥🔥🔥. OMG. trust me read the novellas. Skip Adams though. Trust me. This read is worth it"

iyanah_h shared a tip "aaron warner"

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emma_delisle shared a tip "It’s just overall well written and has very likable and not likable characters."

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lucy_blair_649 shared a tip "best book series it has everything mystery, romance, fantasy, its just amazing i rated it a 5 star read absolutely amazing!"

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caitlin_evans_8257 shared a tip "Best series ever with the right balance of romance to fantasy"

margaret johnson's profile image

margaret_johnson_3354 shared a tip "One of my favorite series’🤧"

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kelsey_demart shared a tip "i loved the writing style, the romance, and the evolution of juliette’s character through ought the stories"

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laurence_janvier shared a tip "Best book serie ever"

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JDisunstable shared a tip "This whole series has a fantastic main character arc"

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bailey-frank shared a tip "I really liked the 3rd one ignite me"

melissa_huff_767 shared a tip "the romance mixed with the adrenaline and action. Also very unexpected twists"

McKayla Baeb's profile image

kayla_culvers shared a tip "This is a great series! Read it"

Ansley Burnett's profile image

ansley_burnett shared a tip "It’s been a while since I read it but I loved the third one!"

K J's profile image

kj415 shared a tip "Tried...but it was soooo boring I couldn't finish it. 😒"

Madison McCoy's profile image

madisonmccoy shared a tip "Hmm, I think I liked all the books. Defy Me was slow and repetitive, probably one of my least favorites."

Abby 's profile image

abby.brown shared a tip "I read the light we lost and then verity which are both very good books!"

Lori Flowers's profile image

lori_flowers_4725 shared a tip "Writing is incredible had me on the edge of My seat 10/10 recommend"

Mya 's profile image

mya_katherine shared a tip "I love this series! I had a hard time putting these books down. #aaronwarner #loveofmylife"

Madeline Kremer's profile image

madeline_kremer shared a tip "The best book series I’ve ever read"

julia_9895 shared a tip "Beautiful imagery throughout the whole series. I LOVE KENJI!!!"

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chloezbookshelf shared a tip "Ignite Me is just ahhhh. You’ll have to read it for yourself😆"

karin shared a tip "It’s amazing although I don’t know who would do Warner justice."

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peyton_pearcy shared a tip "kenji"

Jessica Cummings's profile image

jessica_cummings_9459 shared a tip "I didn't know I could like a series more then the selection but here we are! Love love love!!!"

sam 's profile image

worldwidemclovin shared a tip "such a good series"

emily hilton's profile image

emmsxx shared a tip "THIS IS THE BEST SERIES EVER!! #aaronwarner"

Cassandra carrillo's profile image

cassandra_carrillo_4014 shared a tip "From this series or just my favorite book bc in that case it’s has to be the These Violent Delights or The Fine Print"

alynatang 's profile image

alynatang shared a tip "Left me speechless. I’ve read every single book and I guarantee it will leave u torn apart! It’s one of the best dystopians ever"

viola kay's profile image

viola_kay shared a tip "One of my all time favorites. A must read for new YA readers"

Alicia Pennington's profile image

alicia_pennington shared a tip "Absolutely love these books!! I’m not done but I highly recommend them!!"

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taylerlynn17 shared a tip "Definitely Unravel me"

Jessica Humphrey's profile image

jessica_humphrey_3360 shared a tip "Great!"

claudia_dwyer_4103 shared a tip "Love this series, I reread it all the time!"

Daniela Mendoza's profile image

daniela_mendoza_803 shared a tip "One of the best book series that I’ve ever read, totally recommend!"

Callie Murphy's profile image

callie_murphy_5294 shared a tip "Best series I’ve ever read! You won’t be able to put it down!"

Kaylee Heslep's profile image

kaylee_heslep shared a tip "These books are incredibly well written and so captivating. Love the author."

lecatswillattack the Earth's profile image

lecatswillattack_th shared a tip "It has a great plot twist once you buy the books that aren’t shown here but still part of the series it gets really interesting"

scarlett_simoes shared a tip "one of my favorite book series of all time, it’s worth the read trust me"

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spicy_kitten shared a tip "I really loved it all!"

lizzie_752 shared a tip "Love the first three books, but the last two dragged on a little. Still love the characters and the story"

justina_1571 shared a tip "This is a great series...I could read this series over and over again :)"

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camila_basurto shared a tip "Amazing series the characters are amazingly written and complex"

i love charles's profile image

i_love_charles shared a tip "literally the best books ive ever read"

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marianne_jansen shared a tip "Just finished the collection. Liked it a lot and was curious all the way you get attach pretty quick to the characters."

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